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The European Commission will not recognise the result of the 1-Or for not respecting the Spanish Constitution

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The European Commission will not recognise the result of the 1-Or for not respecting the Spanish Constitution

Juncker reiterates on Catalonia, "you have to respect decision of Constitutional"

NEWSPAPER archive: Juncker warns that an independent Catalonia would automatically be European Union

The European Commission will not recognise outcome of consultation on independence of Catalonia not to respect Spanish Constitution. Frans Timmermans, senior vice president, has insisted today at a press conference that eu executive expects of member States and ir citizens to respect rule of law of ir countries and rest, has pointed out Dutch asked about 1-Or, on growing debate in Spain, "what you can deduct."

"Both for Commission and to its president, respect of Spanish Constitution is starting point of any discussion", he stressed Frans Timmermans, first vice-president of European Commission, asked about a possible recognition of Brussels as outcome of referendum of 1 of October on independence of Catalonia. It has done so after controversy unleashed by statements of Jean-Claude Juncker, in reference to a hypotical procés by legal ways.

Timmermans has become clear that what president said, as ir predecessors did Prodi and Barroso, is that in this matter "we refer to constitutional order in Spain and respect of Spanish Constitution. There can be No misunderstanding in this." The vice president has insisted that it is "a matter that has to do with rule of law" and, refore, "it is expected that all actors in any member State to respect constitutional order of State of which y form a part". Only in framework of constitutional order, has underlined Timmermans, Commission would recognize "new realities" that are created within european countries.

In last few weeks, Catalonia has become a recurring me in press room of Commission. Questions about position of european Executive to consultation of 1-Or happen and Brussels to develop new formulas for expressing an opinion is well-known: EU insists on respect for judgments of Constitutional Court and decisions of Courts. Frans Timmermans, first vice-president of institution, has been last to do so, during a press conference on measures proposed by executive to reinforce democracy in European Union.


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