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The European Parliament is being stern with the Catalan pro-independence

While criticizing police violence and calling for dialogue, the parliamentary groups ask Barcelona not to declare independence.

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The European Parliament is being stern with the Catalan pro-independence
The authorities of Catalonia will not be able to rely on support of European Parliament where, during an emergency debate, convened on Wednesday, 4 October in afternoon, in Strasbourg, main political groups (Conservatives of European People's Party [ (EPP), Social Democrats, Liberals and Democrats), with some nuances, supported view of Frans Timmermans, first vice-president of Brussels Commission: The Sunday consultation on independence was well unconstitutional and illegal.

With very slightly different accents representatives of three prevailing political currents called Madrid and Barcelona, however, to dialogue. While he also insisted on need for discussions "in compliance with Spanish Constitution", Mr Timmermans did not, however, indicate that Commission could play a mediating role between Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime minister, and Catalan government. "Leave behind confrontation, go quickly to dialogue," only asked Mr Timmermans.

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In its statement, number two of European College clearly supported Madrid government. "Respecting and defending rule of law may sometimes require proportionate use of force," he said, referring to violence that has made referendum.

EPP calls for compromise

Firmly defending principle of rule of law, one of three European foundations with democracy and human rights, former Dutch minister has, of course, referred to "violence that has shocked and is never an answer or a solution". He continued, however, to defend Madrid's attitude by hammering that Catalan independence file was "an internal matter to be managed within framework of Spanish institutional order".

Manfred Weber, chairman of PPE Group, political "family" of Mr Rajoy, held similar remarks. Condemning violence and calling for compromise, he referred to "a purely Catalan conflict", poisoned by attitude of a regional government "that divides country". The German MEP wanted to warn him: "The time of divisions, of nationalism, of selfishness is behind us." An exit from Spanish framework would also mean, added Mr Weber, an EU exit, ' internal market, Schengen, eurozone '.

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"Stop!", for his part, Gianni Pitella, head of Social Democrats, has launched Catalan leaders. He recalled formula of François Mitterrand – "Nationalism is War" – before urging leaders of Barcelona not to declare independence, not to run " risk of new confrontation, of a new disaster".

A lack of democratic legitimacy, according to Liberals

«Avoid a fatal fracture, perhaps impossible to cure», chained his Liberal counterpart, Guy Verhofstadt. Expressing a little more empathy for Catalan cause, he insisted, however, on fact that consultation on Sunday lacked evidence of democratic legitimacy and could refore be equated with "deceit, manipulation".

Citing his own example and that of his community, Flanders, former Belgian prime Minister insisted on urgent need for a compromise, "never ashamed", in order to establish a Spain "multicultural, federal and multilingual, within a European federal Structure ".

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While Greens have insisted above all on necessary condemnation of police violence and radical left over right of peoples to self-determination, only extremist and europhobesist currents will have finally provided real support to authorities Catalan. Some of se emphasised in passing that "community of values" referred to by Mr. Timmermans was, in ir view, only a community of "double values": Severe with Poland and Hungary on rule of law, but tolerant of Spain.


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