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The europhobe of the UKIP claim May already negotiate border controls with the EU

Brussels calls for increased contributions to the Community budget to alleviate the effect of Brexit

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The europhobe of the UKIP claim May already negotiate border controls with the EU

The British government is trying to reduce waterways in negotiation of Brexit with EU, where at moment it is clearly below its expectations. But anti-Europeans continue to stoke fire: Ultra Nigel Farage (UKIP) met this Monday with union's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, and took advantage to complain that executive of Theresa May has not even begun to talk about immigration, real Leitmotiv of Brexit. "It is troubling that London has not begun negotiating border controls to control immigration," he said to press. Farage organized his usual act at gates of European Commission and said that Barnier "does not understand" keys to British exit of EU. "Open doors to immigration are real reason," he said, "and it is disappointing that immigration issue and border controls have not yet appeared in negotiations between London and Brussels."

The threat of a Brexit without agreement is one of great risks for Europe in 2018. But British divorce has or side effects: It is time, for example, to negotiate next budgets without one of big taxpayers, United Kingdom. The head of community executive, Jean-Claude Juncker, this Monday claimed an agreement on financial perspectives of period 2021-2027 before Brexit. "Some policies have to be revised and at same time ors should be strengned, but everything cannot be financed with only 1% of European wealth," Juncker stressed in a few days organized by think tank European Policy Centre. The Commission is advocating to raise Community budget above 1.1% of European GDP (compared to current 1%), although rich countries are reluctant to scratch ir pockets. Defense, security, and immigration policies require fresh money, and y may suffer from agricultural policy (PAC) and cohesion Funds, in a matter that tends to provoke tensions within EU.

"Sacrifices will have to be made: re will be strong cuts in some chapters," warned German Commissioner Günr Oettinger, head of joint budget. Oettinger did not cite cohesion and CAP among its priorities, although Juncker underlined that Brussels approach "cannot be cut in cohesion and agricultural policies to balance accounts." This negotiation will once again bring out EU's fractures: North does not want to pay more and South does not want to lose money; The western countries want to ensure respect for rule of law, and threaten to condition European funds to scrupulously comply with so-called European values, falling in countries like Poland and Hungary. The budget can become a sort of climax in east-west divergences.


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