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The false victim of Barcelona that asks for money

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The false victim of Barcelona that asks for money

claiming to be Mary Towers, of Valencia, and raises funds for a grandchild in a coma that does not exist

are Investigating wher terrorists Barcelona were a 'command roving' of Islamic State

The false victim is presented with name of Maria with a View, note that it is Valencia, and begs for financial assistance for ir daughter Teresa Tors and his grandson Antonio Doctors, both supposedly injured in attack on The Rambla of Barcelona. "My name is Maria (without tilde) Towers, Valencia, Spain. I am mor of Teresa Tors and grandmor of Antonio Tors. My daughter and her son were two of victims of attack in Barcelona. They were visiting some friends and having a good time when disaster happened. Now she and her son are both in hospital. Her with her hips fractured, and injuries to spine and to my grandson in a coma due to a head injury. The child needs a brain surgery in a private clinic. The total costs are about eur 8,000 and insurance only covers half of everything. We are not rich or wealthy. We only have each or. The money will be used for brain surgery of my grandson and expenses of his recovery."

The message we've translated from English, which is language in which alleged Maria Spotlights what he wrote on 21st of last August -four days after attack - in page of crowdfunding Accompanying request for image of a child of two or three years, intubated and bedridden in a hospital bed.

"[My grandson] he died a few days ago", he says when we insist on talk with she it is used mostly by English-speakers to raise funds for causes of all kinds. To this audience of mostly overseas could not wonder that a child victim of a bombing in Spain and in need of a brain operation urgent not serviced by public health service.

The petition is however very difficult to believe for anyone who has a minimum knowledge of Spanish health system. The claim also includes or strangeness, like a valencian is expressed in English or that all members of family -grandmor, mor and grandson, bearing surname Should be first... Nothing more to detect message, we contacted Maria Tors via Facebook and we ask for your telephone number to verify story of little Antonio Spotlights.

Message of relief

In Facebook, which claims to be valencian begs even more to ir virtual friends to give him money: "I've helped so many people and so many animals.

But now, my family needs help, help desperate and urgent. I don't want to beg or force anyone to donate but situation is more desperate than you think. Simply imagine how it is to be in my place, losing my son and now my daughter and grandson being in terrorist attack in Barcelona. Both were seriously injured. My daughter, with lesions in spine, you will pass all your life in a wheelchair, which I cannot pay; my grandson, in a coma waiting for surgery in brain that nor can I pay. I ask you all to donate. No matter amount. Little by little we can make a miracle."

Maria with a View responds to our messages on 1st of September. He explained that his daughter improves, but that little Antonio is "even worse than that day" and later we will get your phone number so that we can have a more detailed conversation. Shown is arranged to count in newspaper what happened to his family. "If that could help raise money faster for m, I agree," he says. But not returns to give signs of life. After a few days, we insist, provided via Facebook.

- I'm still pending that I pass your phone number so we can talk.

- I didn't have time last night -answer-. I was in hospital with m. I'm waiting for some results and I will contact you.

open Campaign in 'Youcaring' in favor of alleged child Spanish in a coma | THE WORLD

in Parallel to our conversation with alleged Maria Should be contacted and we moved our doubts about veracity of story. The web, as it does with all petitions on which re is slightest suspicion of scam, it blocks account of Maria Tors and implements verification mechanisms.

You ask for his identity card and an extract of bank account associated with request to verify that beneficiary of money and alleged victim are same person. Maria Tors do not respond to demand of nor to subsequent emails that are sent to you. suspicions increase even more to see that Maria Should be connected to see how is going your campaign from outside of Spain, when it is assumed that you are caring for loved ones in hospital. The account, which at time of crash, had 300 euros, it is definitely closed on 29th of August by heads of donations are returned, and request for help deleted.

it is Not, however, only website to raise money to which Maria has used. This journal has detected your request published also at least in, which is defined as a website for "crowdfunding " compassionate". It appears same message in English and same photograph of child intubated. At close of this article campaign of Maria Tors in, "Help for victims of Barcelona's attack" (help for victims of attack of Barcelona), had are 1,368 euros raised.

Maria with a View he continued to give long to our messages until Monday 11th of September it reappeared.

A web of 'crowdfunding' has closed account; in or leads are 1,368 €

- Maria, how are you? How is your grandson? -we asked him.

- he Died a few days ago -he replied to our surprise-. Just because funds were not sufficient, he added, blaming death to bad launch of campaign.

a Few days later, ministry of Health of Generalitat to us corroborates what we already knew: re is no child with name of Antonio Should be in list of 16 deaths due to attacks of Barcelona and Cambrils. Neir has re been among wounded no Antonio Doctors nor any Teresa Farmers or anyone with injuries that in messages are described.

We transmit to alleged Maria Tors that we need to speak urgently with her and block us on Facebook. We contacted three of his friends in this social network. None known. I got a friendship request, y tell us, and accepted without more. Some have contributed financially to your campaign. We did not detect any registered in Spain with name of Maria Tors. The woman looks like a ghost.

In his gallery of images from Facebook appears posing with a child in her arms, same as that used in crowdfundings, but in photo caption identifies him as his nephew, not his grandson. Is There A Maria Towers? Who are really woman and child from photograph?


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