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The false victim of the terrorist attack in Barcelona 'stolen' the picture of a little girl who died

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The false victim of the terrorist attack in Barcelona 'stolen' the picture of a little girl who died

ask for money for a supposed grandson wounded in attack of Barcelona using Chrissie

The false victim of Barcelona that asks for money

calling Maria with a View and ask for help on websites crowdfunding to finance a brain operation for his alleged grandson, Antonio Doctors, who, according to fraudulent petition, he would find himself in a coma after suffering attack on La Rambla. Yesterday, we told you story of false victim of Barcelona and today we discovered that image of supposed grandson intubated used to tender to potential donors actually belongs to a girl. The photograph is a fragment of anor, more wide in one that looks ponytail and pink bow of small Chrissie and how to Steve, a nurse from Methodist hospital San Antonio children, in USA, holding his hand. This was taken on may 6, 2010, 13 days before Chrissie passed away after a heart operation -a dressing will cover scar in chest - which is not exceeded. I was four years old.

The picture that scammers use in order to profit is posted on website in Matt and Lorraine Patterson, parents of Chrissie, honor ir memory.

Matt and Lorraine Patterson are a very special partner, with a belief religious very strong and a delivery to most disadvantaged unusual. Chrissie was second child that y adopted. In march 2015, when local newspaper, San Antonio Express-News visited his home in Wimberley, in Texas, already had 10 adopted children, a total of 13 by adding three biological.

Captures of web of fundraising, which confirms that photo used is that of Chrissie in hospital | THE WORLD

most, like Chrissie, were children with problems, such as intellectual disabilities or down syndrome. Chrissie is only one that have lost. The mor, Lorraine, account of its history in network: "we Adopted our precious princess Chrissie in Serbia in October 2009, same month that he celebrated his fourth birthday in arms of his new mom and dad. Chrissie was born with several heart problems congenital. It had been included for international adoption when he was three years old, after four different families who are committed to adopt it should retreat to learn about ir medical needs. God asked our family to adopt, and when we ask God why or families left, said: 'Because she is yours'. Chrissie was able to spend six months of joy with us in Texas and anor month fighting for his life after open heart surgery in San Antonio, Texas".

Patterson have fight of Chrissie by living in a blog that details how were those last few days in which you took picture that now presents itself as that of a child valenciano seriously injured in The Rambla, last 17 of August. The image was removed from platform on 29th of August, and, although campaign continued after active, yesterday afternoon, was also erased. Wore are 1,368 euros raised. Many users, after reading story in THE WORLD, denounced scam in web of platform and added link to article. The parents of Chrissie, however, with whom this newspaper has not yet been able to contact, y remain oblivious to use that has been made in image of his daughter.

"would you do It again? Would you say yes to adoption of Chrissie have known you would go to heaven on 19th of may 2010?", is autopregunta Lorraine Patterson in above-mentioned web tribute. "Yes, yes, yes! We all agree that love Chrissie for seven months deserved absolutely worth it. And if we had opportunity to do it again, he would definitely say yes."

The alleged victim also requested donations through an account on Facebook | THE MUNDOTE MAY INTEREST you to


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