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The Florida school killer is an alumnus with military training

Nikolas Cruz, described as a young man obsessed with weapons, had been expelled from the school and had vetoed the entrance with backpack

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The Florida school killer is an alumnus with military training
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Nikolas Cruz, young man who killed 17 people shot in and in vicinity of his school in Parkland, Florida, Valentine's Day faces 17 counts of premeditated homicide. Cruz, 19, described as someone obsessed with weapons, had embarked on a junior military training program, according to Pentagon sources quoted by Agence France Presse. The young man had been expelled for indiscipline from school. In addition, it had vetoed entry with backpack, according to several professors reported. The school administration alerted some teachers by email of ban on Cruz, a professor pointed out to Miami Herald. In spite of everything, teenager managed to access mixed center among his companions.

In midst of mourning, hours after massacre, US President Donald Trump has described massacre as act of an unbalanced and has talked about responsibility of Cruz's environment to denounce him. "Many signs that Florida shooter was mentally unbalanced, and that he had been expelled from school for bad and erratic behavior. Neighbors and classmates knew it was a big problem. Always report se cases to authorities, over and over again, "Trump said in his Twitter account.

The murderer killed 12 people inside school, two in outer precinct and one in a nearby street. Two ors died in hospital. Cruz was arrested outside downtown, a few hundred meters. Since he was expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School He went to anor Broward institute. Images of arrest show him wearing a red shirt, trousers and black boots, being immobilized on street by police officers.

According to testimonies of students and a teacher of center collected by local media, Nikolas Cruz had been expedientado several times for its problematic behavior. Although in classroom was quiet and respectful, in social life of school was seen as an outcast boy who presumed to have weapons. Among students was commented that if one day re was a shooter in Stoneman Douglas, that would be Nikolas Cruz. "Many had said so," a student told a radio Prefiró not to give his name. "Everybody had foreseen it."

When shooting started, school was close to finishing its academic day. The Stoneman Douglas Institute has about 3,200 students. It is one of busiest in Broward County, a wealthy urban area in Miami metropolitan area. "It's a terrible situation, a horrible day for us," said County school director Robert Runcie. The massacre of quiet village of Parkland (30,000 inhabitants), one hour drive northwest of Miami (Florida), surpasses that of Columbine (1999) where re were 15 dead including two teen shooters, students of center.

Daniel Journey was in music class rehearsing with bassoon, his musical instrument of wind, when y heard an alarm. "We thought it was a fire drill, we stopped playing and went out into hallway. But y immediately yelled at us to sock inside room again. Then we thought it was a mock-up of gunfire. Or students came in. We were about 70, all picked up towards end of classroom. We were about 20 minutes re, still thinking it was a drill. Until a colleague showed us his phone and we saw that y were killing people at school. That's where screaming started. " Daniel, 18, tall and spiked, explained at nine o'clock at night in vicinity of Stoneman Douglas Institute The experience of terror he had experienced in his own flesh hours before.

Immediately after shooting school activated its red emergency code and a multitude of local and federal agents came to scene. The chase to shooter lasted over an hour. The authorities established a security perimeter and prevented students ' relatives from approaching risk area, which was overflown by helicopters. In images of local television, dozens of students came out of high school with ir hands up and in a row, escorted by agents armed with semi-automatic weapons and bulletproof vests. An indeterminate number of students and teachers were trapped inside school and received orders from police to entrench mselves where y were, locked in classrooms and guarecidos under desks, until agents arrived to assist m.

Recordings of interior of center disseminated by social networks show scenes of panic and cries amid explosive sound of blasts of high caliber shots and a solitary computer, on a study table, crossed by projectiles. In a video that has accessed Miami Herald is a body lying in middle of a pool of blood and students leaving room crying and saying, "My God, my God," with police trying to calm m and get m out as soon as possible : "Come on, come on, come on."

According to FBI records, from Columbine massacre in 1999 to 2016, re had been half a hundred attacks or attempted firearm attacks in US schools that left 141 dead. Including Parkland shootout, in first month and a half of this year 18 firearms incidents have been recorded in teaching centers.

On January 6, 2017, a little over a year ago, a shooter, Esteban Santiago Ruiz, killed five people and injured six ors at airport in city of Fort Lauderdale, less than an hour's drive from Stoneman Douglas High School.


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