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The foreign masters of the table. At risk the quality of the raw materials

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The foreign masters of the table. At risk the quality of the raw materials
ROME .The babel of Italian table is complete. L'yet anor sale of a'historical company dell'national food - Acetum, leader in production and distribution of 'balsamic vinegar, uk's Associated British Foods - lengns list of great brands that are not più Italian: Nestlé has incorporated Buitoni and Perugina, Parmalat is French Lactalis, such as Galbani and Locatelli, ice cream Grom went to british Unilever, sparkling wine Gancia at Russian Tariko, chocolates, Pernigotti group Turkish Toksoz.Even some companies rush production of Brunello of Montalcino have gone to foreign investors. " change of The propertyà often meant displacement of sources of supply of raw materials to detriment of Italian growers who offer a product più high standards", notes president of Coldiretti, Roberto Moncalvo. Yet noveltyà, which emerges, instead, from surveys on a regular basis, Kpmg is that you are strengning in recent years, trend to contrary: italians expand through l'purchase of foreign brands to prestige. The "top ten" 2016 is headed Lavazza, which acquired 100% of French Carte Noire, and quest' year has relaunched, becoming owner of '80% of canadian Kicking Horse Coffee.Also important to l'operation Segafredo, which has been detected by Portuguese Nuticafes. Ferrero has purchased biscuits to belgian Delacre, and british Thortons, in addition to 'american Fannie May (chocolates). In last two years include purchases of Granarolo, re are also many acquisitions of Campari brand, including l'american Bulldog London Dry Gin and French Société des Produits Marnier."C'è also a lot of Italy that goes all'abroad. - confirmed Max Fiani, Partner of Kpmg Corporate Finance - Companies that are doing space in a number of markets, expanding categories of sales". From 2014 to first half of quest'year acquisitions from'estero in 'Italian agro-food sector have been 56, value of 1.6 billion, but those Italian all'abroad, while being less than, 30, apply a bit' più, 1.9 billion.A good sign, but l'alarm remains, especially for products that in ory should be closely linked to raw materials and to Italian territory, such as pdo and Pgi. And if pdos are protected by strict specifications, warns Coldiretti, Pgi regulation very più flexible: "In many of se cases, new ownershipà in time it tends to replace Italian product with one equivalent of or Countries, and from here, you è also arrived at closing of establishments. But even when this does not happen, risk for quality; of our products is remarkable. If it's Igp, as in case of 'balsamic vinegar, link with territory is automatic, and neir adequately guaranteed by rules of Eu. Is for this that we are fighting to get this type of guarantee, l's territorial origin mandatory, at least for products più typical of Made in Italy".


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