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The French president travels to the west Indies in a full day of protest

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The French president travels to the west Indies in a full day of protest

Several european leaders flock to caribbean islands to check ravages of hurricane Irma

Several european decision-makers moved on Tuesday to territories of ir countries in caribbean that have been devastated by hurricane Irma. France, Uk and Nerlands faced accusation of having abandoned to ir fate to islands and not having taken sufficient preventive measures against natural disaster.


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The French president, Emmanuel Macron, he traveled to San Martín, one of territories west indians ravaged by disaster, where 90% of buildings were ruined, according to data cited by Le Monde. And did so on same day in mainland France had convened first protests against ir labor reform. The british minister of Foreign affairs, Boris Johnson, visited British Virgin islands and Anguilla, while king willem Alexander of Nerlands visited Dutch part of island of St. Martin and or territories Dutch in Caribbean.

“Now is not time of dispute,” said Macron after landing on French island of Guadeloupe and before you move to San Martin. “The absolute priority is getting back to normal”.

In a message to residents of british territories, Johnson was considered criticisms “completely unjustified”. “The uk will be with you long term,” he promised. The monarch Dutch declared chain US that “even from airplane I saw something that I had never seen.”

The destruction caused by Irma —in addition to isolation of se tiny islands without means or means of escape that y have or places like State of Florida, in USA— open debate on measures of prevention and rescue.

In France opposition, from right of The Republicans to left of France Insumisa, has called for creation of a commission of inquiry to clarify where y failed authorities. In a country founded on a strong State, feeling, even if it is in a distant territory, that State has ceased to exist, it is difficult to digest.

In San Martin, Macron spoke with several residents, who presented ir claims in tense scenes recorded by television channels. “We don't have anything to eat, we don't have anything to drink,” said a woman. “Let us go”, said anor. Almost all schools have been destroyed, and hospitals have been damaged. Added to this is looting in first hours after hurricane, 6th of September. The minister of Interior, Gérard Collomb, announced 23 arrests. Some 45,000 inhabitants reside collectivity of Saint Martin, of 90 square kilometers, and on nearby island of Saint Barthélemy.

At a press conference, French president said that he was re to “comfort” survivors, “listen to your anger” and work on reconstruction. Macron defended actions of officials of State, in metropolis and island. He explained that it had established “one of biggest air-bridge from World war ii”. And agreed that in future may open up a parliamentary investigation. “The Government is answerable to Parliament for ir acts, but you must do it in calm and in right moment”.


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