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The genius of Mozart teen

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The genius of Mozart teen

'Lucio Silla', written at age of 16 by author of 'The magic flute', opens this Wednesday, season 2017-2018 from coliseum madrileño

Bicentennial, but with energy of a teenager, Teatro Real de Madrid starts this Wednesday season 2017-2018 with Lucio Silla, last opera of Mozart teen, written when genius of Salzburg was 16 years old. With Ivor Bolton in musical direction and Claus Guth in scenic, assembly features voices of Kurt Streit and Benjamin Bruns in role of Lucio Silla, while Patricia Petibon and Julie Fuchs will alternate as Giunia, and Silvia Tro Santafé, and Marina Comparato will own as Cecilio.

According to president of board of trustees of Royal, Gregorio Marañon, this season begins it will be "very special", as in she match commemoration of 20 years of reopening of atre and 200 exact years (April 23, 2018) from opening. A circumstance that it is accompanied by good news for coliseum in madrid, according to detailed Marañón: 21.000 credits, 5% more than last year and 8,000 more than four years ago. "This is to confirm that crisis it seems that begins to be overcome and that Theatre Royal is very positioned and is valued by society", said president of board of trustees.

For its part, artistic director of Royal, Joan Matabosch, stressed importance of opening season with an opera, Lucio Silla. "I do not understand how someone 16 years old could compose something as well", he said referring to mastery of Mozart in ir third grand opera complete. "This is work of a genius is mature, compact, atrically," he said, n referring to its enormous difficulty: "The score's vocal is a savagery to singers. Then, with time, she learned that this was not sensible. But is that your way of composing was to make parts that are designed specifically for singers of era, such as dresses made to measure."

In that sense, what opera house has a lot to do with musical structure, designed by Mozart. So, Matabosch explained that, shortly before its premiere in Milan, in 1752, that he was going to be lead singer fell ill and had to be replaced by a new character tenor more hesitant, with a certain degree of stage fright and a voice less virtuous. By adapting part of score to se personal circumstances, result is that "we find ourselves with a character paralyzed, that goes forward and backward. Therefore, it is orchestra that is telling us what character is not able to express."

anyone Who wants to make analogies more spacious, you can make m, although Guth warns: "Above all, this is story of a dictator who oppresses most with his character fickle. I would not say that Lucio Silla is an opera about Trump, but on a man unpredictable, able to create terror"

title of opera refers to Lucius Cornelius Sulla (138 to.C. - 78-to.C), consul of roman republic and later dictator between years of 81 and 80 before Christ. Recognized for his military skill, he was one who left way open for arrival of Julius Caesar and end of republic.

Ivor Bolton will be in charge of managing orchestra for this production, although not always from lectern of pit, as he himself construed key to some of passages.


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