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The German SPD appoints Maas for outdoors and Scholz for finances

The Social Democratic Party obtains six key portfolios in the government

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The German SPD appoints Maas for outdoors and Scholz for finances

The German Social Democratic Party (SPD) has officially appointed its ministers on Friday to lead great coalition with Angela Merkel's party. In all, Social Democrats obtain six portfolios and two of m are key. The so far titular of justice, Heiko Maas, will be new foreign minister, while one of finances will be Olaf Scholz, president in functions of training and until now mayor of city of Hamburg. To Chancellor Union Christian Democrat (CDU) it corresponds also six ministries, while its sister union Socialcristiana (CSU) of Bavaria will have three.

Scholz himself and head of SPD parliamentary group, Andrea Nahles, announced list of six ministers who will enter next great coalition, of which foreign and finance are heaviest. The Ministry of Environment will be led by Svenja Schulze, justice by Katarina Barley, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs by Hubertus Teil and Ministry of Women and family by Franziska Giffey.

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The Social Democratic Party has been last of three formations of Great Coalition to officially appoint its ministers, although this Thursday had filtered in media name of Maas for outdoors and that of Scholz was for sure for weeks.

The appointment of new head of diplomacy was embroiled in controversy, as both current minister-at-large, Sigmar Gabriel, and former SPD president and candidate in general election, Martin Schulz, had aspired to that position in next Government.

Gabriel had announced this Thursday that he would not be part of new executive, while Schulz resigned to continue presiding over SPD and to be foreign minister a few days after coalition agreement with Merkel's conservative bloc was reached in midst of Strong criticisms and internal tensions.

Seven women and nine men in next cabinet

In next cabinet re will be seven women, including Merkel, in front of nine men and average age will be 51 years. Both Merkel's CDU and SPD have respected gender parity in ir lists of ministers, while three that correspond to Bavarian CSU will be occupied by men.

Among six ministries that correspond to Merkel's CDU, only two will be occupied by politicians with experience as ministers — Ursula von der Leyen, in defense, and Peter Altmaier, who passes from Chancellor of chancellery to occupy economy —.

The rest are new faces, including that of a prominent critic towards line of Chancellor and representative of most right wing of CDU, Jens Spahn, who will occupy portfolio of health. Among three ministries of CSU highlights Interior, which will be for so far leader of Bavarian training and regional Prime Minister Horst Seehofer.

The SPD, which marked its historical minimum with 20.5% of votes in last September's elections, initially refused to republish a large coalition like one that has ruled in Germany eight of last twelve years and to which it blames its electoral misfortunes. But lack of alternatives encouraged SPD leadership to sit down to negotiate with Merkel and on March 4, party approved by majority to repeat grand coalition.


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