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The girl who became a symbol of the tragedy yemeni

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The girl who became a symbol of the tragedy yemeni

Buzaina Rimi lost her entire family in a bombing arabia, of which he was sole survivor

Your gesture trying to open his right eye has inspired a campaign of solidarity against attacks that bleeds country

"Do not stop to ask questions about your family as if you do not know what is death", relates to THE WORLD little girl's uncle, in charge now of your care

small Buzaina Rimi lead-arabia, which for more than 900 days bore Yemen snatched all that he had. His family, his parents and his six brors, perished under rubble of house y had rented in a district of Sanaa fleeing war in ir hometown. is The orphanage girl has become an icon of drama that has hit poorest country in Persian gulf, suffocated by bombing and hunger.

"Question constantly for his family. He says that he wants to leave hospital, to be reunited with his mor and his brors", relates to THE WORLD of Ali Mansur, uncle of Buzaina.

The girl, five years old, miraculously survived air raid at end of August destroyed his home and took ahead to rest of your family. In total, 25 people were killed in onslaught. "We have explained what has happened but she is a child and cannot understand it. Your cousin has told her that y are in paradise, but do not stop asking questions as if I did not know what death is".

Buzaina have memories vague of day you have lost everything. "I was in same room with ir parents and siblings, but one of walls that protected her," says this daily Maad Zikri, one of journalists who witnessed rescue of child. "At time of bombing, sun was rising, and prepared to eat," said reporter. The frames that lift act of rescue show a few neighbors in neighborhood of Attan carrying inert body of Buzaina. "he Fell into a coma and didn't wake up until you get to hospital", added.

A man holding unconscious body of Buzaina after having been rescued from bombing KHALED ABDULLAHREUTERS

Since n, is recovered in rooms of a clinic in sana'a. "It's going slowly. Has left intensive care unit but can't walk yet. It tries, but collapses. Her legs hurt. You have wounds and bruises all over body," says Mansur, relative who has taken charge of Buzaina. In videos that portray his recovery, small appears in her pajamas caressing strings of a toy guitar while hums a song popular yemeni. "My parents worship me. I went out to street and I punished it. God bless you because you are light of my eyes," says small.

One of gestures of Buzaina, made shortly after air attack from stretcher to hospital, has catapulted category of symbol. In instant that hangs from streets of Sanaa and has been propagated by social networks, small attempts with two fingers, open your right eye, inflamed by detonation. "it Was a gesture totally spontaneous. Just trying to see something. Some have interpreted as a signal against bombing and war, but only thing I can say is that it was simple movement of a girl, slides his uncle.

The image has provoked a wave of solidarity to which have been added activists and yemenis in exile. "We decided to take photographs reproducing gesture to show that we are with Buzaina. We publish your photos with tag 'Buzaina, eye of mankind'", tells of this daily Ezzedine Aref, a blogger yemeni who resides in Turkey. "Buzaina is only an icon. Thousands of children in yemen have been killed in war, as a result of bombing saudis in Sanaa or of militia clashes in Taiz".

A forgotten war and far away

From that in march 2015 coalition of arab led by Riyadh to inaugurate air strikes, more than 12.900 yemenis have died, according to data from mass media related to rebel group, shi'a of hutíes that controls part of country. Among deceased, contained 2.768 minors. Or 21.165 citizens have been injured. Aviation has wiped out more than 400,000 buildings in a country in which destruction of infrastructure and lack of access to health care and safe drinking water has spread famine and cholera.

"The coalition knew perfectly well that in building where y lived Buzaina and his family only civilians. The building was not a military barracks. It was a block of three floors and eight apartments occupied by a newly married couple and immigrants from Palestine and Sudan," says Mansur, furious about a lead that has been sentenced to Buzaina to orphans. "The family lived in Taiz but moved to sana'a by war. He rented house because, by being close to an arsenal, rent was cheap and it was what I could afford," says Zikri.

In frames previous to massacre, Buzaina poses smiling between a fun patulea brors, who didn't even stop moving while camera catches moment. Now, in order to mitigate questions that launched without respite, neighbors and relatives to wine with chocolates and toys. "Still in shock. It is all time moving head. Is a girl very intelligent. Psychologists say that a person is very shy that you only talk to people who inspire confidence," says his uncle.

A man holds a banner with image of Buzaina during protests at United Nations headquarters in Sanaa, Yemen. KHALED ABDULLAHREUTERS

Scenario of a war of ors, which Riyadh and Tehran are fighting for regional hegemony, Yemen today is a country under a wild lock with two Governments and a conflict that have benefited groups like Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula and local branch of self-styled Islamic State. Around 3.3 million people have been forced to leave ir homes since 2015, and 14.5 million of 26 million yemenis, including 8 million children, have no access to safe drinking water and sanitation systems.

Far from in sight for light at end of tunnel, contest has degenerated into a maze of increasingly intricate in which alliances are shattering. In August hutíes and ir allies, supporters of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh -ousted from power during uprisings of 2011-and were on verge of rupture between allegations of treason and saber rattling. A fragile agreement, after an alarming escalation of incidents, prevented cataclysm but suspicions have not been wiped away and future seems uncertain. In trenches rivals, saudis -who came to rescue of yemeni president in exile Abdo Rabu Mansur Hadi - have not reaped great progress.

"That we live in is a tragedy," curses uncle of Buzaina or side of thread dial. "We are not claiming compensation. Does not matter to us. is The only thing that we ask is that y stop this unjust war against our country. This military campaign does not support legitimacy as y said. It is a war at random who has never reached goal that y claimed. The whites of aircraft are children, women and elderly," concludes Mansur.


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