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The Government takes control of the Budget of the government to prevent the diversion of money to the 1-Or

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The Government takes control of the Budget of the government to prevent the diversion of money to the 1-Or

The Supreme court obliges Generalitat to continue sending Government explanations weekly of your expenses

Montoro orders to dealer that alerts of illegal payments

The Government start to hit ya where it hurts most. The Generalitat not available as of now free of its budget. Cristóbal Montoro has confiscated keys to box. From next week all expenses intended to cover essential public services of Catalonia will have to have approval of Hacienda who will pay m directly. This is to avoid that money is diverted to referendum of 1-O.

This decision of exhaustive control of accounts Catalan affects payroll of officials, cost of health care, education, civil protection, dependency, and various transfers and subsidies to families. In total, approximately 1,400 million euros monthly which leads to funding of community are in hands of central Government, provisions to ensure that not a single euro public is diverted to finance referendum of 1-Or and process secessionist.

The Executive responded as well, this Friday, with a batch of agreements adopted in Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs, to succession of illegalities committed by government whose last drop - one that has filled glass, was letter sent by vice president and minister of Economy Catalan, Oriol Junqueras, minister Cristóbal Montoro, on Thursday, announcing his decision to not pay attention to informational control of accounts that had to pay weekly [read letter in PDF].

Montoro assumes payment of essential services, prohibits borrowing and required to justify any disbursement

So this Friday decided Government is virtually application of article 155 of Constitution to economic effects. It is true that Government does not takes a competition policy to government but, de facto, ties hands to decide on what to spend money, because who will open portfolio and make timely payments, upon strict justification on part of General Intervention of Generalitat will be Ministry of Finance.

"we Cannot trust anymore in authorities of Catalonia. They are not legit," said Montoro after clarifying, in a message of peace addressed to catalans, that "all world will be charged in term and with guarantee of State against insecurity offered by or policy positions".

In short, it is a system of control very similar to that which has been applied to Fund Liquidity Autonomic with which State pays directly to providers of autonomous communities under same.

Junqueras complaint that has been applied "155 by back door"

The central Government will oversee even approximately 250 million euros per month of revenue of Catalonia -a game to be relatively small, in words of minister - that when Government order to financial institutions that make payments with a charge to se funds must prove that object of same.

In this sense, Treasury shall send to banks text of resolutions adopted to be vigilant and not allow any payment that is not justified by a certificate of Intervention in Catalan. If y detect that any of operations may be related to celebration of query independence, must communicate it immediately to Prosecutor's office. It is a method very similar to that used to prevent criminal offenses of money laundering.

The strict control will be maintained in both government continue to be located outside of law

The mechanism will be put in place with issuance by Treasury of a request to president Carles Puigdemont to approve within 48 hours, counting from publication in BOE of arrangements of Government, an order of non-availability of credit on all those items that do not cover essential public services. This implies that Generalitat will not be able to carry out payments that are not already committed.

If Puigdemont does not comply with this requirement, will minister Montoro who take decision in your place. It is also affected by agreements of Commission Delegated operations of indebtedness, both long-and short-term, since from now on y will need permission of Ministry.

The minister stresses that "you can't trust" Catalan authorities

this Whole package has been adopted, taking as a legal basis first additional provision of law of Budgetary Stability that allows Government to act with extreme measures in situations of exceptionality. The audit of accounts will be maintained and, refore, during all time government stay on sidelines of compliance of Constitution and laws.

Montoro wanted to insist that in this way Government aims to "protect rights of all catalans" guaranteeing that your money goes strictly to pay for services and bills of general interest and not just interests of a few.

The minister, that has been sent to Otp communication of Comptroller General of government in which it argued that he send full details of weekly accounts to Treasury, in compliance with orders received from his superiors, gave by fact that Government will comply from now on with new requirements of strict control imposed by Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs because, in his opinion, it is inconceivable to think that you can allow not to pay payroll of officials or not costeen public services.


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