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The great challenge of Morena

Lopez Obrador's party prepares to fight the battle of the vote that has been preparing for four years

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The great challenge of Morena

Since four years ago a group of dissidents from left gared in a house in Colonia Roma in Mexico City to found National Regeneration Movement (Morena), party that heads Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador has prepared to win; Not to govern, but to win this Sunday.

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According to all polls, Lopez Obrador will win elections and Morena will burst on Sunday as a tsunami in Congress, where he could achieve absolute majority. It would mean a hard defeat of parties that have traditionally distributed Power Mexico, PRI and PAN, with more than 70 years of life each one.

The arrival of Morena, supported in varied sectors such as field and university or antagonistic regions such as north, industrial and developed and South, rural and indigenous, is one of political phenomena in Latin America.

Much of Obrador campaign has been focused on achieving absolute majority of Morena "as only way to ensure a profound transformation." For opposition, a minority Congress is best counterweight to curb authoritarian ramalazos of Obrador.

However, before counting deputies, Morena prepares for so-called defense of vote. "Do not be trusted because most important thing is missing. Sunday's vote, "he insisted on Wednesday Obrador from Aztec Stadium. With same objective, at gates of Campaign closing act groups of brunette sympathizers distributed pamphlets to militancy with title: "We do not trust, with different strategies to prevent ft of votes. Convinced that in 2006 a fraud that was never clearly demonstrated robbed m of presidency, formation of lefts has been preparing for 1st of July for four years.

Raccoon, carry, crazy mouse, pregnant urn.... Mexico is one of countries of world with a dictionary richer in traps exclusively in front of urns. Among leaders of Morena re is conviction that neglecting electoral colleges can subtract at least eight points.

Among or novelties, Morena will be present in more than 90% of 150,000 boxes that exist throughout country unlike National Action Party (PAN) that does not reach 60% despite controlling 12 of 32 states of country. On Sunday, Morena will mobilize a mini army of 600,000 people with aim of neutralizing territorial muscle of PRI and PAN, capable of moving four million votes during 10 hours that ballot boxes are open.

Morena's territorial expansion bases its success on conquest of north. Cities like Tijuana or Monterrey, who looked suspiciously at movement that led Tabasco have been adding to wave of Obrador, according to surveys. 12 years ago in norrn states Obrador only managed to cover 20% of boxes. The translation in votes is that in a state like Nuevo León, industrial heart of country, Obrador achieved in year 2006 almost 200,000 votes, in 2012 about 400,000 and Sunday expect to reach a million votes.

"Brunette's weak spot was always north of country. 12 years ago, in some states of North election night we could only have 12% of minutes because we had no people in schools, "recalls Ricardo Monreal, one of two experienced operators, along with Marcelo Ebrard, chosen by Obrador to Secure north.

The strategy of defense of vote has to do with networks that Obrador has been creating in eternal campaign in which it has been involved for almost a decade and during which it has traveled almost 2,500 municipalities of country.

During this time, Obrador has personally organized search for leaders, shaping of paintings and contacts with young people. At same time, it has woven a network of sympathies and loyalties with organizations of teachers or miners, who will exercise as guardians of vote in most remote areas of country. "We are fully involved to reinforce boxes but not where more votes are achieved, but in rural areas where most votes buys PRI," explains Cesar Cravioto, coordinator of Morena linked to campaign Claudia Sheinbaum. "If we had been this prepared we would not have stolen elections of 2006," insists Cravioto referring to a poll that was resolved by 250,000 votes on a vote of more than 40 million.

In addition to pamphlets and comics on different strategies that enemy will use on Sunday, Morena has enabled denunciation phones and electoral night thousands of supporters of Morena networks are close to schools during count, to take Pictures of minutes and upload m to net. "This is not a party but a movement. And that attracts a lot of excited people who have become best allies of Morena, "concludes Monreal.


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