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The great way of Madrid will be Semipedestrian permanently from Christmas

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The great way of Madrid will be Semipedestrian permanently from Christmas

The city council overlaps holiday court with start of works

"It will be a greener and more friendly street, with spaces to sit and where pedestrians are prioritize, who are great forgotten," says Town planning councillor

The councillor for Sustainable urban development of city of Madrid, José Manuel Calvo, has announced that great way will be permanently semipedestrian since next Christmas, as it will take advantage of reduction of lanes that will be repeated in this Festivity to n begin expansion works of sidewalks. "It wouldn't make much sense to open big road to traffic after Christmas to start works a month later," said Calvo this morning in an interview on Buenos días Madrid de Onda Madrid program.

"I think locals are going to react positively to measure." At this time project for expansion of sidewalks during Christmas period is being processed. "Our idea is to start renovation works just after, and to maintain operation based on this enlargement," he said about a project for which municipal government will allocate five million euros, of which first 800,000 euros is Will already invest throughout this exercise.

After reform, in section between Plaza de Cibeles and Callao , road will pass from six to four lanes, two of each direction. The sides will be reserved for buses and taxis, while in two central bikes will coexist with rest of vehicles and speed limitation for all of m is 30 km/h.

Recreation of how Gran Vía will be in its section between San Luis network and intersection with Calle Alcalá. City. From MADRID

between Plaza de España and Callao, in uphill direction, cyclists will have a space on asphalt for m independent of cars.

According to councilman, 50,000 cars are currently passing through artery, but when residential priority area is run, also planned for next year, figure will be reduced to 10,000 vehicles per day. This transversal axis can only circulate residents in area and emergency services, apart from buses, taxis, bicycles and non-polluting vehicles.

"It will be a greener and more friendly street, with spaces to sit and prioritize to pedestrians, who are great forgotten." "They will be protagonists of great way," he pointed out.

"Drivers will have to look for alternatives." In no modern city cars cross center, it is unthinkable to do so in cities like London, Helsinki, Stockholm ... "Modernity goes in that line and Madrid was very late," added mayor.

The renovation works will begin in aftermath of holiday season and coincide with those planned by Community Transport Department on Gran via Metro station. This was pointed out to world last week by former councillor Pedro Rollán, who presented project to Inés Sabanés, councillor of Council of Environment and mobility, and who calculated that works in suburban will be extended during 2018 but would end before N Avidad of 2018.

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