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The institutional crisis in Italy puts in question its relationship with Europe

The veto to the Minister of Economy eurosceptic proposed by league and 5 stars derives in a siege to the President Mattarella and to the European institutions

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The institutional crisis in Italy puts in question its relationship with Europe

Italy, a country that has seen 65 prime Ministers pass in 72 years and turned crisis into a system of government, does not tend to be frightened by turbulence. On Monday morning, however, he declared officially and in unison lack of precedents before huge open rift. The split divides country into two pieces — beyond historic gap between north and South — and directly questions Presidency of Republic, last institutional frontier that dampened cyclical cataclysms. The head of state, Sergio Mattarella, a man alone in midst of storm, was planted on Sunday and rejected economy minister Eurosceptic with whom he had been challenged by league and 5-Star Movement. A movement considered by formations antiestablishmentcomo a coup d'etat of European economic powers and anteroom of a revolt in polls which threatens to turn forthcoming elections in a plebiscite on role of Italy in Union European.

Mattarella's move consisted in entrusting formation of government to technocrat and expert in cutting public spending, Carlo Cottarelli. A proven economist with positions in plumbing of previous Italian governments and International Monetary Fund (IMF) that will guide country until next elections with two possible scenarios. If you get support of Parliament — virtually ruled out because league and M5S have an absolute majority — you would until adoption of Budget Act in December and call for elections in January. Orwise, it will be responsible for following international commitments from June — G7 in Canada, summit on Libya in Paris, European Council and NATO summit — and will put polls after August. But everything must happen quickly. Today he will present a list of ministers and tomorrow or past should be able to pass through Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

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The coup on table of president, which this Monday attended collapse of bags and increase of risk premium to 234 points, returns dignity to position that it holds, beaten by populist onslaughts of league and M5S in last days. But it is also a forward flight with a high probability of causing opposite effect. Without parliamentary force and a growing situation of discomfort in Italy, it risks being considered an arbitrator and losing neutrality granted by Constitution. Its lighted defence of EU and single currency, seconded one day later by Cottarelli itself, indirectly points to Brussels as responsible for what has happened and gives anti-European slogans to league and M5S for elections. Gasoline for fire Eurosceptic.

The rules have changed and respect for Quirinal, turned into Winter Palace of populist national Revolution, has been liquidated. Paolo Savona was dispatched yesterday against Mattarella and M5S threatened to subject him to a impeachment for violating constitution with his decision to block name of minister of Economy. Luigi Di Maio, political leader of most voted party in Italy (11 million votes, 32%), called yesterday to all his militants to mobilize on June 2 in streets of Rome against government of Cottarelli. "I know you're angry, it's a unique disgrace in history. But we can't stand. It is necessary to react quickly, "he launched asking for an Italian flag to be hung on balcony as a sign of protest and thus inaugurating a new sovereignty grillino that also begins to incorporate new Lepenistas springs in his speech.

Salvini was expressed in similar terms. He put target on Mattarella asking for hashtags on social networks against him and called for revolt. "We will be in 1,000 places next weekend to explain to citizens what we can not do because of one." But its anger, unlike that of Di Maio, is a political representation. The leader of league (18% of votes) has already won. At least all that could be won so far. At this point no one doubts that forcing inclusion of Savona and reject in its place Giancarlo Giorgetti, his right hand, as suggested by Mattarella, was part of plan to blow up negotiation and reach an election where polls give Already over 25% of vote.

Salvini first cannibalized Forza Italia and is now preparing to do same with Grillinos, who would have preferred to form government and be sure to lead it. "He made that decision after regional, when he saw that he had strength on his own. A government with M5S supposed risks, now aspires to keep all cake, "says a historic leader of league with several ministerial portfolios in his history.

The Centre coalition will return to elections. This time as majority partner of artifact and candidate for Prime Minister: if you win with m, you will be prime Minister. Orwise, you can resume your relationship with M5S. Silvio Berlusconi, politically rehabilitated, took care yesterday to inconvenience Salvini and said opposite of previous day: Forza Italia will not vote in favour of new government.

The decision of Mattarella, today a man besieged and to whom yesterday nets orbiting around league and M5S reminded him of death of his bror — Democrat Piersanti Mattarella — at hands of Cosa Nostra to intimidate him, has divided country. But from supposedly European part (Forza Italia, PD, Europe) re is no trace. More concerned about elections than at present time, no one has yet said wher it will support Cottarelli government's proposal.

But also international community. The French president, Emmanuel Macron, who had erred day before calling Professor Giuseppe Conte without anticipating that his appointment could derail, has shown his support to Mattarella. But concern came today from most Italian allies: from America to Germany. Some voices, however, like that of Marine Le Pen or exadviser of Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, began to heat game to be played in autumn: "It is a betrayal, Italy is not a free country. It's most important day since World War II. " The path that opens, however, threatens to be.


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