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The investigation of the Russian plot hits Trump's environment full

Paul Manafort, former head of campaign, and a collaborator are the first accused by a dozen offences and an adviser confesses to have lied about his contacts with Russia

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The investigation of the Russian plot hits Trump's environment full
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The investigation of Russian plot, which seeks to clarify if re was coordination between electoral team of Donald Trump and Kremlin to influence presidential elections, came on Monday on ground of formal accusations pointing out to anyone who was one of Trump's strong men, Paul Manafort. The exdirector of campaign was handed over to FBI with a partner of his, Rick Gates, to answer for a dozen crimes including conspiracy against United States (to hide ir activities and ir income) and money laundering. The charges do not refer to election campaign, but y focus on advising a Ukrainian politician akin to Putin. Instead, confession of anor Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos, does pay suspicions of connivance: He admitted contacts with a person close to Kremlin who promised him dirty rags on Hillary Clinton and pleaded guilty to having lied about it.

An investigative jury approved indictment for alleged crimes against Manafort and his partner on Friday, in framework of investigation that since last May runs a special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. Mueller's research does not focus on wher Moscow wanted to interfere in American elections — something that U.S. intelligence agencies and FBI are already testing — nor wher this alleged Russian operation had any effect on election results — matter of Debate for political and sociologists — but if between Kremlin and Trump's campaign, re was some kind of collaboration to favor defeat of Clinton Democrat.

... "collusion," which doesn't exist. "" The ors are using this terrible (and bad for our country) Witch Hunt for evil politics, but R ...

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 29, 2017

The unclear contacts between people in circle of today's president of United States and officials and or characters from Moscow environment have fueled suspicions and multiplied lines of research, but until this Monday re had been no imputation Formal.

... are now fighting back like never before. There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, and now facts are pouring out. DO SOMETHING!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 29, 2017

According to indictment document, between at least 2006 and 2015, lawyer Manafort, a well-known lobbyist in Washington, was acting with his partner as agent of Ukrainian government and Victor Yanukovych's party without having legally registered it. This irregular activity generated tens of millions of dollars that hid authorities through a framing of accounts and societies. In particular, more than 75 million were diverted to opaque accounts abroad and Manafort whitened up to 18 to buy a house and or goods and services. The alleged crimes that are blame this encompass conspiracy to US, false testimony,

The performance described began a decade before American campaign and is not related to work of Manafort's advisory to Donald Trump, but it is a serious problem for president, as it places a key piece of his electoral team in multiple center of Litos related to a person akin to Vladimir Putin, turning him into someone vulnerable to pressures or blackmail. Suspicions about his ties to Moscow were precisely what led him to relinquish his post as Republican campaign manager in August 2016, three months before election.

Trump was stirred up this Monday against imputation through his Twitter account. "Sorry, but this was years ago, before Manafort was part of Trump's campaign." Why aren't ' Hillary corrupt ' and Democrats in focus?, he wrote in a message, to continue with one in which he claimed "Moreover, re is no collusion [between campaign and Russia]!".

But broadness of charges points to investigation of special prosecutor Mueller going for long and that things can be more complicated for president, not only because problem of Russian shadow over his presidency is prolonged, but because it can give rise to or acus That y do affect you more directly.

"They have dirty rags on Clinton."

While publishing se words, it was known that anor Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos, had found himself guilty of lying about ties of that campaign with Russia and having hindered FBI investigation. "Through ir false statements and omissions, defendant Papadopoulos prevented FBI's ongoing investigation into existence of linkages or coordination between individuals associated with campaign and efforts of Russian Government to interfere with 2016 "presidential election," underlined indictment signed by Mueller.

Papadopoulos lied about a conversation he maintained in April 2016 with a Russian professor with connections to Kremlin who had promised him "thousands of emails" with compromising information about Hillary Clinton that could harm her in midst of Election campaign. "They have dirty rags on it," said professor, whose identity has not been revealed, according to document.

The assessor was arrested last July without Transcendiera and has since been collaborating. Also in July was when investigators were presented by surprise at House of Paul Manafort for a record. The statement published on Monday shows that this teacher presented Papadopoulos to a woman who was said close to Putin's relative and that Trump's advisor repeatedly tried to organize a meeting between Russian officials and Republican campaign.

The contacts of this advisor with someone linked to Kremlin who promises damaging information about Democratic candidate keeps huge similarities with anor encounter under suspicion, which Paul Manafort, Trump's eldest son, also called Donald, and his Son-in-law, Jared Kushner, maintained on June 9, 2016 with a Russian lawyer who also promised juicy data against Clinton. An email sent by an intermediary to Trump's first-born was pointing out: "It is a very high level of information and sensitive, but it is part of support of Russia and its government to Trump," to which Donald son responded: "If that's what you say, I love it."


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