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The Iraqi army is advancing, the peshmerga is fleeing.

The peshmerga bound by Ikby continues to withdraw from the lands occupied by the peshmerga. Iraqi army, who took back Kirkuk in 15 hours on Monday, yesterday Sincar, Baska,...

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The Iraqi army is advancing, the peshmerga is fleeing.
Peshmerga fleeing Iraqi army is advancing: 18.10.2017 occupied by peshmerga, linked to Ikby continues to withdraw from land. The Iraqi army, which took back Kirkuk in 15 hours on Monday, restored control at Sincar, Başika, Karatepe, Hanekin and Pervezhan border crossing, and Iraqi Kurdish regional administration In operation initiated by previous day in order to reclaim Iraqi army's Turkmen population-intensive Kirkuk from peshmerga linked to Ikby after independence referendum on September 25th, despite all international reactions. Yesterday he noted significant stages. Until Monday evening, Kirkuk airport, strategic front of K1 base, government buildings and city center were completely in control of Iraqi army. Yesterday morning, it was first reported that Peshmerga withdrew from Havana and Mr. Hassan, two of five oil reserves in Kirkuk. PKK Occupation Yesterday, Iraqi army also took back Sincar district of Mosul, which is critical to Turkey. In August 2014, after occupation of terror organization of Deaş, in late 2015, PKK was seized by Peshmerga and terror organization, and control of Sincar, mostly inhabited by Ezidas, passed to Iraqi army. They withdrew from Başika On or hand, Iraqi security forces entered district of Mahmur, souast of Mosul, while peshmerga forces retreated. Mahmur District, located in southwest of Erbil, has been under supervision of Peshmerga forces since 2003. There is also town of Basika, where military base of Turkey is located, where Pershmergene was withdrawn yesterday. Iraqi security sources also have been withdrawn yesterday from region of Hanekin on Iranian border of Peshawar and in vacant positions of Iraqi troops. He said he was prepared to talk. Iraqi security forces have also claimed to have entered Pervezhan border crossing between Ikby and Iran. The security points at Tuzhurmatu were completely in hands of Turkmens. Barzani: What to do "The reason for what happened in Kirkuk is unilateral movement of some politicians in Kurdistan," IKBY President Mezud Barzani said in a written statement. The people of Kurdistan should be assured that y will be done, "he said. The Ikby Peshmerga ministry also reported that border line between Erbil and Baghdad will be determined by agreement signed before operation of rescue of Mosul from Deaş. Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar al-Ibadi, "Ikby referendum is past. The flag of Iraq must be hanged all over country, "he said. ' Ikby has a leadership problem ' According to administration of Ikby leader Massoud Barzani, Peshmerga has announced that y will resist withdrawal of Kirkuk many times before. However, only 15 hours after Iraqi army began operation, city's control was completely out of peshmerga and found a large place in world press. In summer of British Independent newspaper, Patrick Cocburn, an experienced Middle East correspondent, stated that Kurds ' political leadership was more divided than anticipated. Moat to Erbil After Iraqi central government had power to control in Kirkuk, Peshmerga began digging positions on Erbil-Kirkuk highway. Due to possible conflicts, Kurdish families fleeing to Erbil and Suleymaniye yesterday abandoned Kirkuk and began to return home. During return of civilians, location of city entrance occurred in confluence. US State Department spokesman Hear Nauert called on Iraq's incidents in Kirkuk to ensure that all parties in region coordinate military activities in a coordinated manner and provide tranquility.


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