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The keys to the agreement in Germany

These are the fundamental points of the principle of pact between Merkel and Schulz

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The keys to the agreement in Germany

The Christian Democrat Union of Chancellor, Angela Merkel (CDU), and social Democracy of Martin Schulz (SPD), have reached first thing this Friday morning a principle of agreement that lays groundwork for forging a new great coalition like one that ruled In Germany so far.

These are key points of principle of pact:

  • Phasing out solidarity tax introduced after reunification in 1990 to support poorest peoples of east. They are more than 10 billion euros of tax relief for citizens.
  • Investment of 5.95 billion euros in education, research and digitization for 2021.
  • Maintain a balanced budget without new debts.
  • Meet climatic objectives of 2020, 2030 and 2050.
  • Pass a law that guarantees reduction of carbon dioxide emissions to 55% for 2030.
  • Try to get 65% of energy from renewable sources for 2030.
  • Manage and limit migration to Germany and Europe to avoid a refugee crisis like 2015.
  • Limit to 1,000 number of refugees who will be able to join ir family living in Germany.
  • The Commission of specialized Government should study integration of immigrants and inform lower house of German parliament.
  • Focus on causes of migration and not only on migrants mselves.
  • Support a joint European asylum system that distributes people who need protection across continent.
  • Strengn cohesion with Europe to play an active role in strengning European integration.
  • Rejecting protectionism, isolationism and nationalism. More international cooperation is needed.
  • The EU must take lead in fight against climate change and implement Paris Agreements of 2015.
  • Strengn European Parliament and boost EU's finances. Germany is ready to add more money to budget.
  • Reinforce Franco-German cooperation. Germany and France must be innovative in research of artificial intelligence.
  • To accept prohibition of cultivating genetically modified plants throughout country.
  • Significantly limit use of herbicides such as glyphosate to eradicate m completely as plant protective agents.


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