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The King of Spain criticizes the referendum of self-determination of the Catalan leaders

Felipe VI recalls "the responsibility of the legitimate powers of the State to ensure the constitutional order and the normal functioning of the institutions".

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The King of Spain criticizes the referendum of self-determination of the Catalan leaders
In a short televised speech on Tuesday, October 3, King of Spain, Felipe VI, took on independent leaders of Catalonia.

"Today, Catalan society is fractured and crossed by a conflict," regretted sovereign, accusing Catalan leaders of having flouted democracy. "These authorities, in a clear and categorical way, have placed mselves entirely on margins of law and democracy," he said two days after holding of a referendum of self-determination banned in Catalonia, purpose of which is, in his view, " "Unlawfully proclaim independence".

"By ir irresponsible conduct, y can even endanger economic and social stability of Catalonia and all of Spain," added king in this speech of unprecedented firmness.

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The Crown is firmly attached to Constitution and to democracy, said Felipe VI again, recalling that its role is to preserve " unity and durability of Spain". "It is responsibility of legitimate powers of State to ensure constitutional order and normal functioning of institutions, respect for rule of law and autonomy of Catalonia," said Felipe VI, on throne since 2014.

Next proclamation of Independence

In an interview with BBC, president of Catalan executive, Carles Puigdemont, said that autonomous region would proclaim its independence "by end of week or early next week". Asked about a Madrid intervention, he replied that it would be "a mistake that would change everything".

Under article 155 of Constitution, which has never yet been invoked, Government may oblige a region to comply with its constitutional obligations if it violates m or if it "seriously undermines general interest of State".


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