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The kurdish Parliament remains the challenge to Baghdad, and to approve the referendum on independence for September 25

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The kurdish Parliament remains the challenge to Baghdad, and to approve the referendum on independence for September 25

iraqi Kurdistan will hold in September a referendum on independence

After two years of total paralysis, Parliament of autonomous region of iraqi Kurdistan has resumed this Friday your activity to approve holding of referendum on independence, scheduled for next September 25, despite strong opposition of central Government of Iraq, neighbouring Iran and Turkey, and proposal of united States to seek alternative ways to plebiscite.

, 65 of 111 members that make up Chamber have voted in favor to maintain date announced last June by regional president Masoud Barzani in a session developed in Erbil, capital of iraqi Kurdistan, and boycotted by formations Gorran (Change in kurdish) and Komal (Islamic Group of Kurdistan (puk).

The Parliament, in abeyance from 2015 by brawl between kurdish political parties, has entrusted to electoral commission of Kurdistan, task of organizing consultation according to electoral legislation approved in 1992 and 2014 and carry out necessary contacts between formations in order to "ensure success" of an appointment with polls that will take place in kurdish territory in norast of Iraq, and areas disputed historically between Baghdad and Erbil.

So, with placet of ir lordships, authorities kurds have stepped up this Friday his mule against Baghdad, which has label of "illegal" query. Last Tuesday, iraqi Parliament rejected referendum and urged prime minister Haidar al Abadi to "take necessary measures" to preserve unity of Iraq in a vote that, in protest, disappeared kurdish mp.

This Friday, in a rally held in town of Amadiya, Barzani has denounced movement of Camera iraqi and has called for disobedience to effect that " kurdish people do not receive orders of a parliament that has marginalized kurdish minority". "We tell m that ir resolution will not affect Kurdistan. So don't even bor", has been released before referring to talks held this week with representatives of US, Uk and UN to find an alternative option to a plebiscite, a proposal whose details have not transcended to public.

"we have Not heard yet of a proposal that can be an alternative to referendum", has been replicated Barzani. "The vote will not be delayed," he warned. On Thursday, after meeting of envoys international with presidency kurdish, Brett McGurk, special envoy of White House in international coalition against self-styled Islamic State, he insisted that consultation lacks "international legitimacy" and is "inappropriate" and "risky" because it occurs when security forces prepare even assault on last strongholds of IS (Islamic State, for its acronym in English) in soil of iraq.

Baghdad, for its part, tries to stop query. At request of Al-Abadi, Parliament issued this Thursday for dismissal of governor of Kirkuk, Najmaldin Karim, for his enthusiastic support for referendum. At end of August, council of Kirkuk -a province disputed by Baghdad and Erbil - ratified by simple majority to hold referendum with opposition of important minorities like Turkmen and Arabic.

The province, rich in oil, is known as "little Iraq" by melting pot of ethnicities and communities that it hosts. The resolution was criticized by Baghdad and Ankara, is worried by impact of plebiscite among its kurdish population. Barzani has promised that city will enjoy a "special status" in future kurdish State.

on Thursday, moreover, Turkey acceded to reprimand against Erbil. Deputy prime minister Bekir Bozdag called referendum a "historic mistake". "Turkey will continue with its policies that depart from territorial integrity of Iraq. (...) The referendum in north of Iraq should be cancelled. If not, you will have a cost," warned representative Turkish.

this is Not first time that iraqi kurds, who have built a prosperous region since u.s. invasion of country in 2003, amagan with a referendum. The region held a mock referendum in 2005. The result of informal consultation, organized by a civil society movement, left no doubt. The 98.8 per cent of participants voted for independence.

Their aspirations, however, have been met historically with refusal of united States and Governments of Iran, Turkey and Syria, or three countries for which is desperdigado largest people without a nation on planet. "The referendum is a right of kurdish people. Since establishment of Iraq, we have never been treated as equals," said Falah Mustafa, Foreign minister of kurdish, in an interview last year to THE WORLD.


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