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The league and 5 stars agree on the program and already discuss the Prime Minister

The bases of both parties should vote this weekend the document, which will be presented on Monday to the President of the Republic

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The league and 5 stars agree on the program and already discuss the Prime Minister

The overcoming relationship between 5 Star Movement (M5S) and league is built on a powder keg of malaise, anger and urgent recipes to solve old problems. An explosive cocktail that condemns se days to failure any forecast on negotiation. But in response to words of ir leaders, this Thursday was formally closed drafting of government agreement that should unite next five years. A document of Tintes Lepenistas and sovereigntists clearly decanted from side of party of Matteo Salvini, which has managed to place most of its slogans of electoral campaign: Flat Tax, deportations of immigrants, closure of settlements of Gypsies, descent Taxes on petrol, subsidies in day care only for Italians or return to Europe Pre Maastricht (literal).

The league, much less optimistic than its new ally se days, imposes its ideological heart. But M5S, majority partner of new artifact (has 33% of votes against 17% of league) will propose to Prime Minister. That was deal on Thursday afternoon and battle to be waged. According to sources of league's environment, M5S housed high hopes until last moment to crown its leader, Luigi Di Maio (31 years and a legislature as a parliamentarian of experience). But it's very difficult for Salvini to accept such an imbalance. In any case, new prime Minister should be an expert violinist able to interpret score he has written without skipping a note. And, preferably, without adding anything. It looks for a profile similar to that of Giuseppe Conte, university professor who had to occupy a position in government that designed Di Maio in electoral campaign and that already rang in previous days.

Beyond this crucial detail, both parties will put agreement to vote before it is definitively approved. M5S will do it between Friday and Sunday through its online platform Rousseau. A system in which only those enrolled who meet a series of opaque requirements can vote (in election of Di Maio as a candidate participated 38,000 people, while in PD primaries voted two million). The league, on or hand, will take to street ballot boxes and will open vote to all its militancy.

The premium continues to go up

The common program, built on basis of proposals for fast digestion and dubious financial base, continues to generate alarm. Italy, as when government of Berlusconi fell in 2011, it feels again after a day of warning in markets (Italy is at tail in growth in euro zone), on Thursday cousin continued to rise up to 160 points and again heard voices of warning. First came outgoing prime minister, Paolo Gentiloni, who warned of dangers of carrying out "debt and deficit policy" and making unfeasible promises. "If you go out of road who will be harmed will be Italian citizens and not euroburócratas."

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, also showed some concern about an alliance between antagonistic parties, but expressed his respect in democratic decisions and confidence in wisdom of President of Republic, Sergio Mattarella, to navigate The storm. But in palace of Quirinal y begin to be fed up with spectacle of last days, of drafts of agreement and that president is being treated like a mere spectator who will stamp signature in an agreement cooked in an office of palate of Montecitorio.

The feeling, despite progress in drafting of contract and signs of optimism that launches M5S, is that at any time negotiation can derail. Salvini this Thursday again planted doubt: if Monday has not been achieved, said, word is returned to Mattarella. And president, just in case, keeps in bedroom his neutral government plan in case everything goes to hell at last minute.


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