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The league calls the door of the Movement 5 stars

Salvini, become the engine of the centre, opens to any combination to form government except a pact with the PD

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The league calls the door of the Movement 5 stars

The political situation in Italy looks more and more like those riddles in which a farmer had to cross or side of a river to a wolf, a goat and a cabbage without someone ending up engulfeding. No one has numbers to form government by itself, but combinations that would allow it do not like its protagonists. Matteo Salvini does not want PD, who is only one with whom, on or hand, his partner, Silvio Berlusconi, would agree. On or hand, leader of league, opens to an agreement with Movement 5 stars, which would prefer to do it with formation of Matteo Renzi, which it promised before resigning that it would accept anything but a pact of government with Grillinos.

Ten days after elections, no one in Italy has any idea how to fit complex result with formation of a government. The Royal victors, Movement 5 stars (32.7% of votes in Chamber of Deputies) and league (17.4%), increasingly are more and lead underground movements necessary to arrive at something similar to an agreement before 23 of March, when will form Cameras and should set a few common minimums to elect ir presidents. Both parties have made it clear that y do not want a technical transition government. So eir he goes through his hoop, or Italy will go through polls again. A situation that greatly inconveniences President of Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for instability it generates and cost it implies (around anor 300 million euros)

Matteo Salvini, leader of growing league, exalts his political weight as days go by and his appearances multiply. His partner, Silvio Berlusconi, who knows if waiting for a hidden blow, is waning in silence. And one who commands right now, that this Wednesday visited association of Foreign Press of Rome to speak in European key, ensures that coalition will open to 5 stars movement to form an executive, but in no case to PD. "We are open to all possibilities, except a government with great defeated," he launched after ensuring that he speaks on behalf of Coalition of Centre and that league will not participate in any government without his partner Forza Italia

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That possibility would be worst for Berlusconi, who has already transmitted that he would prefer PD. But reality is that loot of Forza Italia is so meager that, for first time in a long time, it is doomed to play role of a troupe that Excavaliere had destined to Salvini. Next March 23rd, Chambers — Senate and Congress — will be formed and you can see where shots are going. But Salvini hasn't started negotiating, he said Wednesday. "I'll call Di Maio today. I hope you have your phone on. " Nor does it require being prime Minister to form a government with 5-Star Movement. It only asks — at least in public — that basic axes of its programme be approved: a fixed rate of taxation of 15%, abolition of Fornero law (delay of retirement age) and a more federal Italy. Except for tax-lowering issue, it does not seem difficult to find meeting points with M5S.

It is time to negotiate, and Salvini has also considerably reduced its belligerents against EU in recent days. He continues to say that " euro was a wrong decision," but on Wednesday he first pointed out his willingness to respect parameters of Brussels and adapt to 3% deficit standard. "Although if to make Italy grow, you have to skip a few tenths, we will." A small nuance compared to challenges of last few months trying to mitigate Berlusconi's discomfort with his antieuropean positions.

Meanwhile, PD lives installed in one of its wonderful paradoxes. He has taken worst result in history, his secretary general has had to resign and various factions sharpen knives for upcoming civil War. But whoever wants to govern will almost necessarily have to go through m. The Minister of Agriculture, Maurizio Martina, has already replaced to following primaries Matteo Renzi in front of party. And slogan, for moment, is same: do not give power to M5S. But no one is clear wher it would be worse supposed pact of shame or return to elections. Both scenarios are devastating for survival of a party that faces a dilemma similar to that of PSOE in last election.


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