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The M5S and the league close a pact that includes a basic income of 780 euros per month

The two antiestablishment formations publish their definitive agreement to form government in Italy

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The M5S and the league close a pact that includes a basic income of 780 euros per month

The 5-Star Movement (M5S) and league have already closed a definitive government contract. An unprecedented document in Europe based on two electoral cutting programs, antiestablishment, sovereignty and Eurosceptic. 58 pages and 38 key points ranging from expulsion of irregular immigrants to radical lowering of taxes with a luck flat rate of income tax, introduction of a basic income of citizenship of 780 euros monthly (measure Estrella of M5S), passing by Subsidies for crèches only for Italian families and will to return to European Union pre-Maastricht. A cocktail that has aroused restlessness of markets and has shot risk premium up to 160 points, twice as much as Spanish one.

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The leader of M5S, Luigi Di Maio, has posted this morning on training blog a text where he welcomes agreement reached. A success, he says, despite obstacles put by "some Brussels bureaucrats, risk premium and Italian newspapers." "We have worked for more than 70 days to get here and propose everything we said toger on election campaign. Now, this weekend, our activists and our spokespersons will be on streets of Italy to make known content of program. "

And entrails of this agreement form an ideological framework clearly inclined towards ideas of league. Finally, establishment of so-called flat tax is approved, a tax-only taxation system, which will be set between 15% and 20% for families and 15% for companies. In order to avoid transgressing Italian constitutional order, a series of tax reliefs are introduced which give it some progressiveness. In addition, Italian contribution to European budget and some treaties such as Dublin are requested to be renegotiated. Something that can be summed up in explicit will of new coalition to return to European Union preceding signing of Maastricht Treaty.

In immigration section, Matteo Salvini has also clearly imposed and agreement talks about expulsion of 500,000 irregular immigrants, to end "business of immigration" — in an explicit reference to NGOs working in Mediterranean — and Preparation of a census of all magnets that y preach in Italy. The basic income of citizenship, an electoral incentive that allowed M5S to do with practically all south of Italy, has been limited to 2 years. In addition, unemployed person must accept at least one of three job vacancies he/she receives once he/she registers at a Social security centre. Something that basically makes it an unemployment subsidy. On or hand, 780 euros also extends to all those pensioners who do not reach that figure at end of month. "Citizenship pension", new document calls it.

The agreement, which ensures permanence of Italy in NATO, but is set as a target for a trade and military opening to Russia, will be voted throughout today by militants enrolled in Rousseau platform, opaque network participation system that uses The 5-Star Movement to approve ir decisions. An artifact that, however, greatly restricts access of its participants (in election of Di Maio as a candidate participated 38,000 people). The league will do same with urns spread throughout Italy. If militancy refused agreement, Mattarella would activate its Plan B.


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