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The man who manufactures the bombs on Trump

The nationalist and hyperbolic trade counselor Peter Navarro is the beadle of the tariff war that makes the world tremble

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The man who manufactures the bombs on Trump

In evenings, when night in Washington has fallen, it is not uncommon to see him running down Pennsylvania Avenue. With helmets on, grizzled hair and his smile of Harvard iconoclast, Peter Navarro, 68, is giving canisters around White House. Wait, y say most viperinos means, that official dependencies are emptied to return to building and to slide in Oval Office. There, he talks to Donald Trump about what binds m so much. The obsession with trade deficit, injustice of trade treaties, hatred of abuses of China, Europe and Mexico. Navarro, more guru than economist, is strategist of great Trade war. That earthquake that has unleashed ire of EU, rebellion of Republicans and resignation of one of last moderates of cabinet, former powerful Gary Cohn. Navarro is explanation of what is happening at White House right now.

The triumph of Director of National Council of Commerce is a bad omen. For a time he formed an ideological partner with dark chief strategist, Steve Bannon. Toger y succeeded in renouncing Trans-Pacific Agreement on Economic Cooperation (TPP), encouraging rupture of North American Free Trade Treaty (NAFTA) and Emponzoñaron relations with Germany and by extension Union European. In a few months, y fed isolationist monster that lives in Trump and put world in a showcase in which danger is read.

It was good times for Navarro. But ephemeral. The fall of Bannon and entry this summer of Marine general, John Kelly, as chief of cabinet, relegated him to background. The influence of director of National Economic Council, Gary Cohn, gained ground. Coming from Goldman Sachs, this moderate-spirited banker and one of few who criticized Trump for his statements about racist crime of Charlottesville, tried by all means to lessen damage and show a White House ready for pact before Rupture.

The effort, like so many things in Trump universe, has served little. When Oval Office seemed to have left behind specter of Bannon, nationalist Fury has returned. Trump has broken hostilities proclaiming a brutal rise in steel and aluminum tariffs, Cohn has been struck and Europe has responded with threat of reprisals. A turbulent era has begun.

Seen closely, what happened is nothing different than what Trump promised in campaign. The offensive follows pattern that during elections were designed by Navarro and current Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross. A strategy that understands world as an enemy and believes that United States has been deceived by all. "The US has an annual trade deficit of 800 billion, 000 for our stupid agreements and policies. Our jobs and wealth are being delivered to countries that have taken advantage of us for years. They laugh at how foolish our leaders have been. Never again! "

These are Trump's words, but y could have been said by Navarro. They trace ir concepts, ir manichaeism. For years, this professor of economics at University of California extolleded national industry and launched his vitriol against outside adversary, especially China. It is not only to accuse Asian giant of currency manipulation, labor exploitation and unfair competition, but he came to recommend boycott of ir products. "He is a born polarizer and is not respected in economic world", he sentenced to country professor of University of Maryland Peter Morici, former economic director of U.S. International Trade Commission.

With this pedigree, his arguments were barely accepted at academy, but y found echo in a billionaire named Donald Trump. When 2011 tycoon read his work coming China wars ( upcoming Chinese wars) was captivated. It was a crush that overflowed in 2015. After announcing billionaire his intention to attend presidential, Navarro, who had been an independent Republican, Democrat and Republican (in this order) was presented at Trump Tower to offer his help. "The rest came organically," he recalled.

Embarking on campaign, Navarro was immediately profiled as one of Trump's preferred advisors. Both coincided in ir exacerbated nationalism and ir love of cameras. Proud, sounding, and extremely populists were looking for enemies everywhere but in United States. China, Germany, South Korea, Mexico... re were those responsible for American misfortune. A message that had already been rehearsed before but in 2016 captivated impoverished white masses and germinated in Trump's astonishing victory.

The triumph led Navarro to White House. It did not occupy a portfolio of trumpery, was subordinated to Cohn, but also wasted no time. Rápidamemte is torn in nightmare of moderate sector of White House, which recalls with terror document that it distributed last October and where in two pages without sources or studies summarized ills that would entail NAFTA: higher mortality, increase of consumption of Opiates plus abortions, prisoners crimes, gender violence, infertility... This pocket Apocalypse is essence of Navarro. The man who, dropped Cohn and started Tariff war, represents future. The mirror president looks at. Nationalism in pure state.


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