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The mayors of the 1-O and the Government challenge to the Prosecution: "do Not underestimate the strength of the people of Catalonia"

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The mayors of the 1-O and the Government challenge to the Prosecution: "do Not underestimate the strength of the people of Catalonia"

The president Puigdemont, and mayor Colau have received more than 700 selectmen cited by office of Prosecutor for supporting referendum.

The Prosecutor's office ordered to interrogate mayors are willing to participate in 1-Or and to stop m if y will not attend

Rajoy calls on leaders catalans to reflect and become " law"

The Government and more than 700 mayors who support referendum of 1-Or have challenged this Saturday at office of Prosecutor with a mobilization against " political persecution and judicial" to which y consider that y are submitting to Government. A show of force, which has had leadership of president of Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, who has warned Mariano Rajoy and Government should not "underestimating strength of people of Catalonia, which has taken decision to decide".

The event, which has succeeded in cramming plaza Sant Jaume, has had explicit support of mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, despite fact that mayor of barcelona and his government have not been involved directly in organisation of consultation is considered to be illegal by Constitutional Court (TC). The city council has also limited to "guarantee" that y can vote without being splashed legally or assign local municipal ownership.

The 712 mayors that have begun to be called by Prosecution after signing a document from Government of support at 1-Or have been received in Sant Jaume with thousands of people with flags 'estelades' and cry of "we will vote". Baton in hand, have entered one by one in town hall where y have been received personally Colau. The mayor has taken advantage of his speech in order to certify its "solidarity" with a movement that considers that transcends "independence" and that it has located as a battering ram of " defense of rights and freedoms of Catalonia.

Municipalities that support 1-Or Source: AMI and own Elaboration Graphic: Paula Stew | Martha Law

The first mayor of barcelona has accused Mariano Rajoy of falling into "shame" of register printing presses and "start signs" by order of Prosecutor's office and has warned that "beyond differences, Catalonia is one people, and that we will defend rights and freedoms that we have worked so hard to get." Colau, in any case, you have avoided any specific appeal to participate in one way or anor in referendum, applying studied offset that keeps time from getting wet in debate on secession. However, it has not been able to avoid that his speech has ended with selectmen screaming in favor of independence, at main entrance of a town hall has never wanted to be protagonist of challenge to sovereignty.

The mobilization has gained in solemnity shortly after, when Puigdemont -flanked by vice-president, Oriol Junqueras, and president of Parliament, Carme Forcadell - he has gone to receive mayors and has led, among applause, up staircase gothic Palau de la Generalitat. There, Puigdemont has certified that October 1 "shall" in a message sent to Rajoy -"those who threaten us", he said - but also implicitly Colau, 'comuns', and we Can, who has been described as "those who look askance ['procés']". Also to those who, like PSOE, "continue to deny what is obvious".

The vice-president of Government and leader of ERC has taken advantage of staging-with hundreds of mayors cane in hand, at headquarters of government - to meet challenge sovereignty with " defence of fundamental rights". Among m, "freedom of expression and right of assembly", in a clear response to offensive this week that has been put in place by court order, Civil Guard and which resulted in seizure of 100,000 propaganda posters institutional referendum. "It is a question of democracy," has settled Junqueras.

The holding of this meeting comes after letter sent by Puigdemont, Forcadell, Colau and vice-president of Government, Oriol Junqueras, president of Government, Mariano Rajoy, with a copy to King Felipe VI, who have asked for dialogue to agree on holding of referendum, and that central Government has qualified as a sarcasm and a "delusion".


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