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The missile launched by the Korean regime can reach any point in the United States

North Korea proclaims nuclear status after new ballistics test

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The missile launched by the Korean regime can reach any point in the United States

One more jump forward. In race time trial that has been self-imposed to complete its nuclear program, North Korea has declared a significant victory on Wednesday. Following successful test of its most potent intercontinental missile so far, Kim Jong-UN's regime has proclaimed a nuclear state.

The launch, in middle of morning in North Korea, broke an uncommon stop of two months in a series of tests that under command of bright comrade have been happening with speed increasingly vertiginous. According to Pyongyang, this rocket of type Hwasong-15 reached a height of 4,475 kilometers-much more than International Space station-and fell in waters controlled by Japan to 950 kilometers of place where it was fired. His flight lasted about 50 minutes.

The Intercontinental missile "has a particularly large warhead capable of attacking any point in United States," official agency Korean, KCNA, has ensured.

In view of se data, and pending fact that y are confirmed, experts point out that this rocket has a range of 13,000 kilometres: enough, indeed, to reach any city in American continental territory. The old ambition of North Korean regime, which estimates that possibility of receiving an attack on its own soil will deter Washington from any overtly hostile act against Pyongyang.

"If I had flown on a standard trajectory, instead of this elliptical trajectory, this missile would have had a range of more than 13,000 kilometers." It is significantly more than previous long-range Korean tests, which flew on elliptical trajectories during 37 (July 4) and 47 minutes (July 28). A missile like this would have more than enough scope to reach Washington and, indeed, any part of American continental Mass, "said specialist David Wright of Union of Concerned Scientists in " All Things Nuclear "blog.

In a television appearance, veteran Ri Chun-hee, who reserves to announce only news that North Korean regime considers of particular importance, reported event. "Kim Jong-UN has proudly declared that we have finally achieved our great historical cause of completing a state of nuclear power, cause of creating a missile power," proclaimed Ri, a personality in his country.

"The great success of Hwasong-15 Intercontinental missile test is an unpayable victory won by great and heroic people of DPRK," added presenter.

North Korea had already ensured this summer that its goal was to achieve "balance" of strength with United States. His self proclamation of this Wednesday as a nuclear state seems to point out that he believes he has, and that now he feels he can speak equally to Washington. Although it is unknown what impact it may have, if any, on frequency of its missile tests.

In an increasingly unbridled exchange of threats and insults, North Korean supreme leader has made it clear that he considers his greatest enemy, US President Donald Trump, who is not planning to stop his nuclear program until he reaches his goal. A goal that, as analysts warn in both United States and South Korea and Japan, is getting closer. Every test carried out by Pyongyang presents a technical advance, of greater or lesser amount, to what Washington considers absolutely unacceptable.

"North Korea will probably carry out new missile tests in coming months, and one of m is going to be (from a missile with a trajectory) completely horizontal on Japan and Pacific, to show world that it possesses an intercontinental missile with a Viable re-entry vehicle (in terrestrial atmosphere). A horizontal test is needed to fully test and validate a re-entry vehicle, "says analyst Scott Seaman, of consulting company" Eurasia Group ", in a note.

The return to Earth of a missile, so that it reaches to desired point without disintegrating due to strong heat and pressure by friction of atmosphere is one of most complicated aspects when designing a reliable rocket. Experts doubt that North Korea has already reached that point, although y are sure to get it sooner or later.

Trump, who has assured that "it will not happen!" that Korea can complete its nuclear program and has threatened regime of Kim Jong-Un with "complete destruction" of his country, has reacted in a strangely laconic way, for moment. "We will take care of it," he has limited to say.

Japan, United States and South Korea have requested an urgent meeting of UN Security Council for same Wednesday. It is possible to discuss a new round of sanctions, second since September and ninth in total control of North Korean program, to try to strangle its economy and furr isolate this country from international finance and transport systems.

The launch "is a clear message of challenge," said in Beijing Daniel Russel, former US secretary of state for Asia in administration of Barack Obama. A challenge not only for United States and its allies has pointed out, but also "insulting behavior" for China, which throughout this year has increased pressure on its neighbor and supposed great ally.

Beijing sent a personal messenger of President Xi Jinping, Song Tao, to Pyongyang ten days ago. But Song did not get to be received by Kim Jong-un-according to some versions, in his meetings with or officials he was not even offered water-and trip ended in failure.

The two-month period between previous release and test on Wednesday had raised conjectures that North Korea might be restraining its behavior to open door to a dialogue. A dialogue to which Trump himself had winked during his recent tour of Asia. In that case, hopes of negotiation would have suffered a setback. But Russell detracted importance to moment chosen for new shot, number twenty in what goes year. According to senior official, dates for this type of evidence "are motivated mainly by technical factors, that missile is ready or not."


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