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The National Security Advisor agrees to work with the special prosecutor of the Russian plot

Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn pleads guilty to false testimony to the FBI and admits that he was asked to contact Russia

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The National Security Advisor agrees to work with the special prosecutor of the Russian plot

Donald Trump is watching his worst nightmare meet. Former National security Advisor Michael Flynn has begun collaborating with Russian plot's special prosecutor, Robert Mueller. In a historic and enormous destructive capacity for White House, Flynn has not only accepted charges of false testimony, but has admitted that Republican environment ordered him to "make direct contact" with Russia. The former lieutenant general, according to ABC chain, has even assured that he "is willing to testify against president himself."

Mueller's a legend inside FBL. He directed federal agents for 13 years and was forged, both with George Bush and Barack Obama, a reputation as a hard and unbribable investigator. Already retired, when his star seemed destined to oblivion, he took case of his life. His appointment in May by Department of Justice was presented as a salutary to abrupt dismissal of director of FBI, James Comey, decided by Trump after refusing to close inquiries on Russian plot.

From outset, special prosecutor targeted same President of United States. All his effort is directed to determine if Trump committed a crime of obstruction of justice. To do this, Mueller has put Republican electoral team on lookout for signs of coordination with Kremlin in Hillary Clinton intoxication campaign, but it has also placed focus on financial management of its advisors and Representative. The inquiries had so far allowed him to Impute to an adviser who gave false testimony on his connections with Russia, as well as former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his partner Rick Gates, for fraud and tax offences. They were older, but small pieces compared to Flynn.

With his testimony, former National security advisor opens doors of White House to special prosecutor. Much more than a campaign counselor, Flynn was one of top security positions in United States and an intimate president. To achieve his collaboration, Mueller has directed weight of accusation in false testimony given by lieutenant General to FBI and can carry up to five years in prison, but has left his shady business as an agent of foreign governments, susceptible of major penalties. Flynn, in his discharge, has declared that he took step in "interest of nation" and to shake accusations of treason that weighed on him because of his proximity to Moscow.

The Acrgos are based on two conversations maintained by Flynn with Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, last year. The most serious occurred on 29 December last and it was done on same day that Obama announced expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats for Kremlin's interference during election campaign. His aim was to temper Vladimir Putin's response to se sanctions. Flynn, in shadow government, hinted to ambassador that if Moscow were moderated, it would be easier for m to rebalance relationships when Trump was invested on January 20. After this conversation, Kremlin decided not to retaliate against United States.

Four days after inauguration of President, Flynn, already appointed National Security advisor, was interrogated by FBI and formally denied having discussed Kremlin sanctions with Russian ambassador. This version collapsed when recordings obtained by US counterespionage services arrived at hands of federal agents. The hearings, held by interim attorney General, Sally Yates, opened up a deep crisis.

Flynn had not only denied talks with Kislyak to FBI, but also vice President Mike Pence and public opinion. This lie made him susceptible, according to Department of Justice, of blackmail by Kremlin. Yates asked for it to cease immediately. The danger, in his view, was extreme: one of America's greatest security officials was missing truth and dancing on Kremlin's tightrope. Trump didn't answer. He let time pass and only after Washington Post revealed two weeks later talks with Kislyak, he got rid of Flynn. The lieutenant general had barely lasted 24 days in office.

This was end of career of one of most brilliant military in last decade. Under command of Barack Obama, Flynn was one of ascending stars of army. Brilliant and disruptive on battlefield, he had been in charge of elite unit intelligence operations such as SEAL and Delta Force, and in 2012 he went on to lead military intelligence agency. In that position, his career was twisted for first time. His inability to dialogue, his continued verbal aggressions to subordinates and chiefs, and his Acendrada Islamophobia broke his leadership. In 2014 he was removed for "insubordination".

After leaving military employment, Lieutenant General opened a consultancy, Flynn Intel Group. A business of influence that soon fell into orbit of Russia and Turkey. As an advisor, he received payments from Kaspersky cybersecurity company and Volga-DNEPR airline. He also worked for Russian state media group RT, to which CIA considers one of links of intoxication campaign against Hillary Clinton. Pampered by Russia, in 2015 he came to attend a public dinner in which he sat at same table as Putin.

From that universe, he was one of first high-ranking military to have jumped in support of Trump's candidacy. He supported his attacks on Islamic community and came to postulate that "fear of Muslims is rational." Radicalized, it asked imprisonment of Hillary Clinton for case of mails and did not have empacho to follow Republican in its flirtings with Moscow. All this placed him in sphere closest to future president. And also, past months, at centre of research by Russian plot.


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