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The neighbors of Chueca reported nine terraces and rooftops of central Madrid

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The neighbors of Chueca reported nine terraces and rooftops of central Madrid

complain that organize performances in direct and or events that increase noise pollution

The Council says that it will inspect

The Association of Neighbors of Chueca, led in July to city Council of Madrid to urge him to inspection of nine terraces to both of its neighborhood, like surrounding area, seven are located on roof terraces and two patios of local restaurants. In his writing he argued that y are used "equipment for reproduction or amplification of sound or audio-visual" and that even is organized by "live performances", which, he says, it "violates" city ordinance that regulates this kind of spaces.

"The problem, apart from legal coverage of se activities is that y are not harmless: y pose a new focus on noise pollution for residents, not to mention risks in terms of safety incurs concentrating tens or hundreds of people in places with no conditions or plans of self-protection or evacuation," says Stephen Benedict, president of this organization in addition to spokesman of Coordinator Neighborhood Center of Madrid. Two months later, however, remain without a response from Government of Manuela Carmena.

In Area of Sustainable Urban Development explained to this newspaper that all of terraces identified by association in its complaint by administrative have been included in Campaign of Local Attention on 2017. In this sense, y add, "we have proceeded to discharge of relevant records of inspection on part of Agency Activities" and have begun to make visits on part of municipal technicians with assistance of Local Police.

"once you have analyzed all of documentation collected, and in view of result of inspections carried out, shall be prepared corresponding reports which will give rise, in case of be from in accordance with applicable regulations, at start of records of restoration of legality, urban and/or disciplinary relevant", emphasize same sources.

For Coordinator Neighborhood Center of Madrid, "it is alarming that tolerance and/or disability in Area of Sustainable Urban Development of city Council [who depends on Agency's Activities] to control amount of activity that is concentrated in city and in a very special way in this district without any legal basis". "It is as if he had been in middle of traffic hundreds of cars driving without registration and without insurance," exemplified his spokesman.

The terraces identified in notice sent to town Hall are courtyards of local YOUnique (Barquillo street), Martha Honey (Marqués de Casa Riera) and roofs of hotels Vincci Mint, and Letters (both in Gran Vía), The Main (Marqués de Valdeiglesias) and Oscar (Pedro Zerolo), gym Gymage (Soledad Torres Acosta), Mercado de San Antón (Augusto Figueroa), and circulo de Bellas Artes (Alcalá).

In this last case, according to Association of Neighbors of Chueca, re is a "record of termination and closing" from 2013 in Agency's Activities and despite fact that he "continues to exercise activity on terrace without recognition of precinct's work on this record". This paper has tried unsuccessfully to contrast this information with Circle of Fine Arts, while in town Hall neir confirm nor deny this endpoint.

The Municipal Police of Madrid imposed last year 9.250 complaints to terraces in capital for violating ordinance, 170 more than in 2015. This means that agents got a ticket each day to 25 local for this reason, vast majority in district Centre.


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