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The newspapers most intimate of Nicholas Nixon

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The newspapers most intimate of Nicholas Nixon

The american photographer, that presents largest retrospective of his series on Mapfre Foundation, has devoted itself to capture of time, absence, and family

Nicholas Nixon (Detroit, 1947) is one of those photographers who always choose ir subjects where normal is an intrinsic feature. Da as aim is city or people that inhabit it, important thing is that everything you capture radiates feeling, break glances preconceived and claimed passage of time. From re, it is just repeating game.

he has shown throughout his career, photographing life of porch in rural south, cool view of New York or Boston, people who are sick, intimacy of couples and portrait annual of his wife, Bebe and her three sisters. Record your subjects up close and with finicky details, as shown in exhibition at Mapfre Foundation, provides connection between viewer and subject.

"The excitement and pleasure that gives me photography are same as when I started", commented photographer during presentation of major retrospective of his work done to date (1974-2017), accompanied by curator of exhibition, Carlos Gollonet, and director of Culture of Fundación Mapfre, Pablo Jiménez Burillo.

Until 7th of January, public will be able to get in experience methodical Nixon at time of work. For him, her work is a reflection of a style of life without masks that brings to fore what he means by art. Hence that shows, consistently, a notable social concern that discovers aspects unnoticed of fact that y belong to private experience of artist. The slowness, long periods, absence of dramatic elements define a work that unfolds over course of almost five decades of continual dedication.

Images from series 'The sisters Brown'. NICHOLAS NIXON | Collections Mapfre Foundation

Nixon, unlike professionals of his era, he began working with large format cameras that allowed her to make prints that are made directly from negatives, 8x10 inch, which retains clarity and compositional skill. All this imposes closeness and cooperation of portraits to show worlds coming in which fixed your attention: elderly, sick, couples or family.

Focused on portrait, and with a clear interest for descriptive possibilities of camera, his work reveals a tension between visible, content, invisible, thoughts and concerns. One of ir projects known in sister Brown, a composite picture that portrays passing of life of four sisters over 40 years. From 1975 until 2014, conducted every year with a photograph of his wife Bebe and her sisters-in-law Mimi, Laurie and Hear, always in same order and always looking to goal. The time, in every one of m, has made m more special. And on m, gray hair, wrinkles and feelings, more familiar.

in Addition, he began to immortalize his wife since y met in 70s, his son, Sam, from his birth in 1983 and, two years later, his daughter Clementine. The photographs of both extend into adulthood; Drinks, in contrast, has been a permanent me where it takes a visual way intensity of ir relationship. is Your portraits convey passion, that becomes even more apparent with passage of years: "my true love, my best friend, center of my life." This collection of images becomes a diary of his life in common, as Nixon continuously working and Baby is always re.

In parallel, developed or series -Porches, new Views, or Aids - in which it begins to find its way into picture, when ir personal interests, intellectual and aestic begin to converge in order to offer images that speak of life in a very personal way.


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