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The official voice of the north Korean regime wears pink

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The official voice of the north Korean regime wears pink

North Korea announces that it prepares anor "gift" addressed to U.S.

Seoul responds to Pyongyang with maneuvers with real fire and alert of new trials in north

like a good champagne is reserved for special occasions, is each time that North Korea takes a step forward in fulfillment of its nuclear ambitions - and a few in past-times, regime headed by Kim Jong-un takes to fore to give good news to veteran and enthusiast, Ri Chun-hee, face of television most international of hermetic asian nation.

One of his last appearances of stars took place on 3 September. With sacred mount Paektu on its back, its everlasting permanent and your choson chogori (traditional dress) pink house brand, septuagenaria recovered once more of his bombastic style and verbose to let world know about success of sixth nuclear test by Pyongyang, which has raised tension in area up to highest levels seen in years and threatens to lead to a conflict of unpredictable consequences.

"The test of a hydrogen bomb designed to be mounted in our ballistic missile international was a success perfect", assured before cameras tremulous with emotion. "It has been a very significant step to complete national program of nuclear weapons", he added smiling.

Known as "presenter of people," this 74-year old woman with more than four decades of set to ir backs, has become voice of a regime and a party whose leader very rarely leads to ir citizens directly.

Ri came into world in 1943 in Tongchon, province of Gangwon, country lived under yoke of japanese occupation and North Korea as such did not yet exist. Of very humble family, young man studied dramatic art at University of Film and Theatre in Pyongyang. In 1971, it became part of news team of national chain KCTV, some information that would be its host star just three years later. Since n, Ri has had waist enough to remain at his post harmless to decades of remodeling and political purges that have put an end to career of many of his colleagues and supervisors.

he explained that in 2009 publication north korea 'Chosun', first steps of Ri were guided "with tenderness and faith," by Kim Il-sung, founder of country and grandfar of current leader, Kim Jong-un. In addition, text provided clues as to how this singular woman had become a "heroin of workers". "Every time he speaks, viewers are excited. When he gives news or releases, enemies cower in fear," explained middle.

What is certain is that his extensive record and ample experience have enabled him to successfully address any event that you are presented. The same enthusiasm for explaining president's visit to a feed mill that is emphasised with launch of a ballistic missile, threatened vehemently to western powers or cried heartbroken by death of a leader, as happened in 1994 with death of Kim Il-sung, or in 2011 with name of his son, Kim Jong-il. Simulated or real, your feelings have always been appreciated by a people who - apparently - thinks and thrills of your hand, although do not have possibility of access to or sources of information.

Withdrawn officially from screens in 2012 shortly after death of Dear Leader, last of saga of Kim continues to place her confidence for big announcements of a military nature. "He's perfect person to express hard-line North Korea," said Ahn Chan-il, a senior defector from communist country who now lives in Seoul, told Reuters. "There is No one like her who has that power in voice. It is perfect to talk about nuclear weapons or missiles", apostilló.

as already reflected magazine 'Chosun', ir good work during all se years at head of public television has allowed him power to enjoy now of a golden retirement in a big house and modern of capital with her husband, children and grandchildren. In addition to enjoying any of luxuries of capitalists, Ri takes you from your retirement is dedicated to train new presenters who, he said in an interview with chinese tv CCTV in 2012, "y are younger, more beautiful and more appropriate for going out on television in front of audience of today".

Even so, it is more than likely that if Pyongyang goes ahead of launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile, it is her and not new batch of presenters to see transmitting jubilant with news.


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