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The Parliament of Peru force the dismissal of the prime minister and his entire cabinet

The Government loses a motion of confidence in the Congress in the midst of conflict education and cornered by the opposition fujimorista

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The Parliament of Peru force the dismissal of the prime minister and his entire cabinet

The Government loses a motion of confidence in Congress in midst of conflict education and cornered by opposition fujimorista


  • The teachers strike in Peru is now two months and generates a political crisis
  • The education on gender equality divides Peru

A conflict education, with a long strike of teachers of public education system, and especially pulse between president and fujimoristas, has been carried forward to peruvian Government in full. The Congress, controlled by opposition, has removed this Friday its confidence to cabinet of prime minister, Fernando Zavala, which will force him to submit his resignation, along with all ministers, and formation of a new Executive before 72 hours. In event that Congress fails to give its confidence to two cabinets, president is empowered to dissolve Congress and call new elections. In center of controversy is national curriculum 2017, advocating  gender equality; and is rejected by conservative groups —primarily evangelical, catholic, and fujimoristas— that require removing "gender ideology" of document and ensure that Education promotes homosexuality.

Zavala has presented confidence motion against attempts of opposition to submit a censure motion against minister of Education, Marilú Martens. The Congress, dominated by opposition Popular Force of Keiko Fujimori, already demolished late last year to previous holder of this portfolio. Now, Popular Force has been lying to entire Government after a debate that lasted for more than seven hours and in which its 71 deputies warned that y would vote against support of cabinet. In end, 77 mps have denied confidence to Zavala and his ministers, 22 have supported it, and 16 mps abstained among 115 who were present at vote.

"I'm here, in framework of functions of Constitution, to raise issue of confidence, to ensure educational policy and governance", he stressed Zavala during his address to plenary session of Congress. Accompanied by cabinet, in full, Zavala has told lawmakers that "in last few weeks has shown a situation of wanting to undermine a State policy fundamental, and peruvians don't want to go back".

The prime minister of peru has argued that crucial educational reform "is being threatened by radical groups" and warned that "we must not fall in game of extremists, or to give a minister as a trophy." Zavala has stated that " public that for second time is intended to censor, who is in charge of educational policy, country can not continue to move forward". "Now it is responsibility of Congress to decide wher or not to grant" trust, which has asked that vote today because " country can't wait".

After his speech, de Zavala and members of Council of Ministers have abandoned floor and, after an interim, lawmakers have begun discussion of issue of trust. During discussion, it has been evident from first moment that fujimoristas were not going to support Executive, have been accused of "irresponsible" for initiative and wanting to force a crisis.

The lawmaker Lourdes Alcorta of Popular Force has said that Zavala wanted to "pechar (face) to Congress because everybody is asking for his head". Alcorta added that Ministry of Education is full of "rojimios, caviares, and ragtag" (in allusion to peruvian left), from previous government of Ollanta Humala. The legislator of Popular Action Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde has said that "Fernando Zavala wants to practice euthanasia, wants a death without pain. Politically he is dead."

congressman from The Frente Amplio Wilbert Rozas has been argued that "of 360,000 teachers already censored to minister Marilú Martens and that is enough". Meanwhile, parliamentary Alberto Quintanilla, of New Peru, has pointed out that "we are not going to vote for giving her confidence (to cabinet), but does not give it".


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