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The perpetrator of the failed attack in new York city is accused of terrorism

Those responsible for the investigation claim that Akayed Ullah acted alone and was not in the FBI records

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The perpetrator of the failed attack in new York city is accused of terrorism

The only suspect in failed attack on new York subway station in Times Square has been indicted by police on Tuesday to support terrorism and terrorist threat. The charges against Akayed Ullah also include possession of weapons with intention of committing a criminal act. The defendant, according to investigation, was inspired by attacks against Christmas markets in Europe and sought revenge for death of Muslims by bombardments of United States in Middle East.

UPDATE: Akayed Ullah, suspect arrested in yesterday terror attack in NYC, has been charged with following: • Criminal possession of a Weapon • Support Act of terrorism • Making Terroristic Threat NYPDprotecting

— NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) December 12, 2017

The prosecution must still complete initial charges presented this Tuesday by NYPD. Three people suffered minor injuries after detonation of home appliance. Ullah, 27, who immigrated seven years ago legally from Bangladesh, moved from his residence in Brooklyn to Times Square area using Metro. It wasn't in police or FBI records, which makes it harder to spot m.

Ullah continues to be hospitalized for wounds and burns he suffered in abdomen. The tube pump only partially detonated. "That prevented artifact from working with power and intentional power," explained John Miller, second in new York Police Department. The investigation, he insists, remains in a very preliminary phase but confirms that he acted alone.

James Waters, head of Anti-Terrorist division of NYPD ( city Police department), said on his part that y found in home of defendant remains of components with which he manufactured bomb. "He manufactured it alone," he said. He also reiterates that re is no indication that he was in contact with accomplices. The suspect, who works as an electrician, sought information on Internet to create artifact.

Ullah has no criminal record. As Miller pointed out, it is possible to plan for such attacks without having links to a centralized terrorist organization. "It is a feature that we have seen in or parts of world," he explained, " conspiracy to commit an attack is in limits of his mind." Terrorist organizations, he adds, "They know that and that's why y increase ir propaganda on Internet."

The family of Akayed Ullah regretted that one of ir own would try to cause harm. But at same time I accuse authorities of not having treated m with dignity during investigation. "We need to strike a balance between freedoms and security," said Waters, "We know it's hard but we had to move fast to make sure re were no or parties involved in attack."

The corridor in which attempted attack on new York Metro, which connects Port Authority and Times Square stations, reopened public when it was not 24 hours after incident. The terrorists, authorities insist, are persistent and adaptable. "It's world we live in," Waters concludes, "but instead of accepting what needs to be done is to be vigilant."


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