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The Pope and Iran join the attempt to prevent Trump from taking the embassy to Jerusalem

The EU, the Arab countries and China also warn the US president about the danger of moving his embassy to Jerusalem

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The Pope and Iran join the attempt to prevent Trump from taking the embassy to Jerusalem

The decision that US President Donald Trump will take this Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and announce a plan to move his embassy re has raised voices in midst of world. This move, which United States defends for "logistical, security and constructive motives", has provoked concern of European Union, of French president, Emmanuel Macron, of Pope Francis, of Iranian supreme leader, of a string of Arab countries, of China and of The Organization of Islamic Cooperation. All of m have moved threads and raised pressure to try to curb Trump's Proisraeli spin.

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The highest Catholic authority, Pope Francis, has defended this Wednesday's status quo in Jerusalem. "I cannot silence my deep concern about situation that has emerged in last few days." I strongly call for everyone to respect city's status quo in accordance with relevant UN resolutions, said Pope this Wednesday in his weekly speech. In addition, on Tuesday he held a telephone conversation with Palestinian president, Mahmud Abas.

On a tougher line, Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has considered this Wednesday that America's president's plans are result of his "despair and weakness." "It is by desperation and weakness that y want to declare Al-Qods [name in Arabic of Jerusalem] as capital of Zionist regime," Khamenei pointed out during an act in allusion to Trump's plans. "In question of Palestine, y have ir hands tied and y cannot achieve ir goals," supreme Leader defended.

The Pope and Khamenei have not been only ones to notice Trump's decision. The King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, has dirigo a message to Trump as chairman of Al-Qods committee, an entity bearing name in Arabic of Jerusalem and was founded in 1975 by his far, Hassan II, and by foreign ministers of 15 founding states , including Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Egypt, reports Francisco Peregil. "I am pleased to address you today as chairman of AL-Qods Committee resulting from Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which has 57 states representing more than one billion citizens." I would like to express to Your Excellency my deep personal concern, as well as great uneasiness felt by States and Arab and Muslim peoples following recurring information on intention of your administration to recognize Al-Qods As capital of Israel and to transfer Embassy of United States to that city, "said monarch in his missive.

The Deputy Prime Minister and spokesman of Turkish government, Bekir Bozgad, has written a message on Twitter this Wednesday stating that transfer of US Embassy of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a "risk that can ignite fire and provoke a great disaster." Recognition "will throw region and world into a fire and do not know when it will end," wrote Bozdag, who has also said that measure will lead way to "turmoil, chaos and clashes."

China has also been concerned about Trump's intention. "We are restless about a possible escalation of tensions," said Geng Shuang, spokesman for Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "All parties concerned must take into account peace and regional stability, be cautious in ir actions, avoid undermining basis of a resolution of Palestinian question and refrain from engendering a new confrontation in region," said Shuang.

In addition, French President Emmanuel Macron tried this Tuesday unsuccessfully to curb Trump in a phone conversation reminding him that " question of Jerusalem should be addressed within framework of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, aspiring "The creation of two states that live toger in peace with Jerusalem as capital." Nor was head of European diplomacy more successful, Federica Mogherini, who called for "avoiding any action that would undermine two States between Israel and Palestine."

Jerusalem is a maze for which no one has found a way out. 70 years ago, Palestine partition agreement temporarily placed city under international administration. But soon western part was occupied by Israel and after six-Day War, in June 1967, also east, just what Palestinians consider ir capital.


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