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The pressure on Rajoy is triggered

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The pressure on Rajoy is triggered

Aznar asks Rajoy elections if you see "unable" to act in Catalonia

Ibarra, Leguina and or historical members of PSOE criticize that Pedro Sánchez defend a dialogue with Puigdemont

The last voice to be raised was that of FAES, think tank, presided over by former government president José María Aznar, who broke off with PP last January. It has been drop that threatens to overwhelm glass of patience of those who await a forceful political reaction by government to curb rebellion in Catalonia.

Aznar broke his long silence and demanded action. The executive said, "It has inexcusable obligation to employ all constitutional instruments" within its reach, in reference to article 155 of Magna Carta. A former president and former leader of PP put a voice to feeling of orphan of much of center right.

With certainty of having warned in time, Aznar realized yesterday, in a note of Faes, harsh criticisms to point of raising celebration of a general election if y do not react already [read document in PDF]. If y lack "encouragement" or "recognize ir inability", y should give Spaniards option of deciding "what government, with what proposal and with what electoral support should be faced with this critical juncture for Spain".

Knowing that Rajoy does not want to assume alone decision to use this prerogative and wants support of PSOE, former president argues that parliamentary majority of PP ' is enough to activate all political power envisaged for defense of Constitution '. "There is no reason to be able to find an acceptable excuse to continue inaction, or to protect itself in calculations of opportunity, efficiency or cost."

Rajoy requires Puigdemont not to declare independence to avoid "major evils"

Its criticisms are not limited only to current moment but it does balance behavior of Moncloa in recent years. "Errors of diagnosis and government", he says, "that have prevented establishment of an effective and early strategy against thrust of secessionism". Errors, continues, that have led government to exhibit "a rare combination of triumphalism and banalization of what happened while procès was advancing."

According to Aznar, re has been an "astonishing lack of understanding of nationalist dynamics" and result is that last events in Catalonia produce "stupor". "For what y are and by entity of response y have received so far."

Guerra, González, Piqué, Borrell, Vega de Seoane ... all bets on 155

Citizens has been first party, which as such has claimed activation of 155 immediately. His President Albert Rivera has personally claimed to Rajoy.

Nor do y understand government's misgivings to apply this article, PP's distinguished names as former Minister Josep Piqué, who has come to wonder "how much longer is re to wait?" His voice is added to ors who have been fully justified in his activation for weeks. In this group stand out first secretary of Congress Alicia Sánchez-Camacho or very leader of Catalan PP, Xavier García-Albiol.

From left is also pressed. The PSOE's historical references are those that more clearly urge Government to take initiative.

Following footsteps of former president Felipe González-for whom before taking criminal route it would have been appropriate to use weapon offered by Constitution itself-and former vice-president Alfonso Guerra-who has no doubt that 155 is right way to To curb what he believes to be a "coup d'etat" by Generalitat, have taken a stance with more or less forceful personalities such as former Minister Josep Borrell who insists on need to "demystify" application of Mentioned article under which Government could take control of powers of Generalitat, or former Minister José Bono.

Likewise, Junta de Andalucía, chaired by Susana Díaz, was shown days ago in favor of 155 if illegal referendum of 1-O. was held. In a similar sense spokesman of PSOE Extremadura was pronounced Juan Antonio González for whom this decision is necessary to "preserve freedom, rights of all Spaniards and to guarantee legality".

The claim to government has not been limited to political circles, also from economic field have begun to raise voices- sharpest has been that of president of Circle of entrepreneurs, Javier Vega de Seoane-, especially After king, in his message to nation, emphasized that "it is responsibility of powers of State to ensure constitutional order and normal functioning of institutions", words that were interpreted as a cover for adoption of Forceful measures.

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