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The proposal of a congressman to the president of the USA: "Forgive Julian Assange"

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The proposal of a congressman to the president of the USA: "Forgive Julian Assange"

A political republican proposes to exculpate founder of WikiLeaks, if he proves that Russia is not hacked into election

"I think that re are two people that Putin pays m: Rohrabacher and Trump. I swear to God". The phrase was said by head of republican group in House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, June 15, 2016, in a private meeting that, however, some of his companions recorded and disseminated to press. When statements were made public, McCarthy said that he had said a joke.

Rohrabacher, a former surfer arch-conservative, is quite a character. Not only has defended annexation by Russia of Crimea in 2014 and invasion of Georgia by country in 2008, but has also proposed that US support to Islamic State is always that this attack on Iran. Rohrabacher is also one of biggest advocates of referendum of Catalonia, 1 October, although it has never explained how a nationalist like him, which is political in a country, US, which does not recognize self-determination of ir states, is in favor of self-determination in or territories.

Now, sympathies of Rohrabacher Russia have reached first page of media with revelation by newspaper 'The Wall Street Journal' that representative called on Wednesday, chief of staff of Trump, John Kelly, to suggest that president should "forgive, or something like" founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, for charges against him in US following publication by that organization of hundreds of thousands of documents from Departments of state and Defense, US in 2010.

Rohrabacher, who met last month in London with Assange, he put a price for pardon: that founder of WikiLeaks to provide information that demonstrates that Russia was not involved in hacking of computers of Democratic Party in election campaign of 2016. The 'emails' from ft were immediately released by WikiLeaks, in what constitutes one of axes of scandal over possible aid from Moscow to Trump in presidential elections of USA in 2016. The operation, refore, it would be a total success for Russia.

it Clear that "if [Assange] does not give us tests, obviously, are not going to get anything", said Rohrabacher to Kelly. The congressman even suggested a meeting between representatives of Trump and own Assange, who is a refugee in embassy of Ecuador in London since 2012. "Someone from FBI, someone from your team", proposed by representative, which ruled out CIA because spy agency has been one of who has determined that Russia hacked into 'emails' democrats. The current director of CIA, former colleague of Rohrabacher in House of Representatives, Mike Pompeo, has stated that WikiLeaks "seems to be an intelligence service hostile". The congressman has confirmed that he has spoken with Kelly, but has refused to say of what.


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