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The PSOE avoids the disapproval of the mayor of Now Madrid Rommy Arce

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The PSOE avoids the disapproval of the mayor of Now Madrid Rommy Arce

Arganzuela rejects proposition of reproof of councillor and Now Madrid thanks to vote against municipal group socialist

PSOE, PP and Cs ally against council of Arganzuela

"We are tired of your abuse, enough of disrespect to opposition. Mrs. Maple, go away." is So powerful has been councillor of municipal group popular Carmen Castell at plenary session of Board of District of Arganzuela , where y discussed failure of councillor president Rommy Arce (Now Madrid).

The little control during Plenary sessions of District Board, continually interrupted by boos, cheers, chants, or blowing raspberries, and "systematic violation of agreements" between spokespersons have been causes that have led Popular Party to submit this reproach, which has only been supported by Citizens. "You are considered an anti-establishment, and an anti-establishment can't lead an institution like this", claimed Castell to booing widespread audience.

Citizens, however, supported motion appealing to "policy coherence". "It fills mouth demanding resignations and with yourself use or measuring rods, how Many times he has met with opposition groups? Us any," denounced spokesman of formation of orange.

As expected, nods to recent self-prohibiting an act in favor of referendum in Catalonia in one of municipal offices of Arganzuela were continuous during session. "what has you believe that this is his independent republic?" or "Put you polls and vote neighbors of Arganzuela on your stay", have been some of interventions, which set fire to audience.

Since last July, opposition parties were allied against Maple. This time municipal socialist group has been unchecked of what it considers to be, in words of its spokesperson Erika Rodriguez, a "representation of political game that does not bring anything good to neighbors of district."

"we're Not happy with lack of control and way in which it has addressed to councillor chair to our training. We promote a call of attention, a change in attitude and a respect for what this house represents," settled a spokesperson for socialist before announcing vote against its formation.

Well, it closes a chapter of scuffle between Maple and spokespersons of opposition parties in his district, which has its origin at beginning of legislature. "It takes more than two years making each session a" circus accuse from Popular Party. Maple, for its part, has defended its work to front of District Board from 2015. From ir point of view, this request of resignation lacked "reasons, strong more than vague accusations of authoritarianism and breach of commitments," and has described proposal as one more action in "campaign of discredit to aldermen of Now Madrid". "They need to make people believe that we are all equal, but it is not so", he reiterated council member .

After Plenary session, Carmen Castell has lamented not having received support of all groups. "The PSOE has once again become a costalero of government of Manuela Carmena despite fact that it is very difficult to make opposition in full of Arganzuela when you are increpando permanently," he said.


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