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"The Remains of St. Nicholas are not in Bari, but in Turkey" & #x3a; L & #x27; Archaeologists ' announcement from Antalya

The news spread by the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet and then resumed by the BBC would be a hard blow to the bareses, who made the bishop of Myra the "> 05 Ekim 2017 Perşembe 01:03 - 7 reads.

St. Nicholas never moved from Turkey. And bones brought by 62 sailors to Bari in 1087 belong to a priest. The news spread by Turkish newspaper Hurriyet and n resumed by BBC would be a hard blow for bareses, who made bishop of Myra absolute symbol of ir identity from a millennium. Here, however, that comes a news destined to let historians discuss (and not only): St. Nicholas would never leave Myra. His body would be located in Demre-a town born from ruins of Myra-in church named after him in district of Antalya. Bari, Operation Hi-Tech in tomb of St. Nicholas: Doctors pick up a rib share discovery is a group of archaeologists who work long on site: saying Without of excavations and monuments of Antalya, Cemil Karabayram, admits that during campaign that continues for three months in church has been found a special section, in which re may be tomb of St. Nicholas. "The temple beneath floor of church is in good condition. We believe that so far has not been damaged. But it is difficult to enter because re are stones with motives: y should be extracted one by one and n removed. " There, according to speculation, re would be remains of St. Nicholas. A hyposis also supported by cards. "We have studied all documents from 1942 to 1966-continues Karabayram-There were some notes, according to which this church was demolished and n rebuilt. During reconstruction, merchants of Bari took bones. And it is said that y did not belong to St. Nicholas, but to a priest. " To support this sis is someone else: Professor Yildiz Ötüken of Department of Art History of University of Hacettepe, who led campaign of excavations of Demre for twenty years. "Just she says that St. Nicholas is kept in a special section," continues Karabayram. At whammy for bares, he contrasts enthusiasm of Turks: "The eyes of world will be here-says Karabayram-we believe that St. Nicholas is in temple and not have suffered damage. We're at last stage. If we get results, tourism in Antalya will gain great impetus. " Meanwhile, work continues with use of a scan CT and Georadar. "We will reach ground and perhaps find intact body of St. Nicholas," confides Karabayram.


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