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The ridicule of a candidate for Trump judge: Unable to answer basic legal questions

A group of senators reveals the ignorance of Matthew Spencer Petersen, selected by the president to serve as federal magistrate

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The ridicule of a candidate for Trump judge: Unable to answer basic legal questions

Donald Trump undertook for months a conservative reorientation in courts of United States. The Republican has implemented a strategy for filling vacancies quickly and securing a judicial system that supports his agenda. The risk of this was evidenced this week, when one of his nominees failed to answer many questions about basic legal concepts and admitted that he had no experience in courts.

In front of a panel of senators, charged with questioning every nominee of president, Matw Spencer Petersen came to accept that he had witnessed less than five witness statements on his trajectory and that he did not have much experience in litigation. "I understand challenge I would have in front of me if I had honor of becoming a judge," Petersen said, who has had no experience in any courtroom, eir at local or state level. When Republican legislator John Kennedy squeezed him, Petersen asserted that he did not "remember" from when he last read federal rules of Civil procedure, nor did he know how to define basic motions such as one associated with exclusion of certain tests before a Trial.

A Democratic senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, shared a video of grotesque scene through his Twitter account: "Do not miss this: The Republican Senator Interrogates a nominated federal judge of Donald Trump who does not know how to answer a basic legal question. Oh, my God! " Petersen is nominated to occupy one of seats of Federal Court of Washington, one of most important in country. It is unknown wher ir ridicule will lead to withdrawal of ir candidacy. Until now, he is chief responsible of Federal Electoral Commission and before that he worked in a law firm.

Petersen is not only one with great shortcomings to serve in such an important position. The candidacy of Leonard Steven Grasz, anor one selected by Trump, was approved to be a federal judge even though bar association granted him a note of "unqualified." The White House has also withdrawn at least two or nominees. One because he also received description of "unqualified" by school and anor after knowing that he referred to transgender children as a part of "Plan of Satan."


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