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The Russian prosecution redoubles its action to prove alleged illegal payments to Democrats in the United States

The judiciary has released a list of Trump's political rivals to those who want to interrogate

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The Russian prosecution redoubles its action to prove alleged illegal payments to Democrats in the United States

Moscow's first initiative with respect to Washington following Helsinki summit between US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, questions honesty of US political system and Democratic Party. "Aid" comes from attorney General's office of State of Russia, which this Wednesday has disclosed a long list of American officials and former workers who would like to interrogate in U.S., and support cause of Republican president in front of his rivals Political. This movement throws Republican leader, who tries to wear rejection that has provoked in part of political class of his country for his understanding and complacency with Putin in Finnish capital.

The list of disclosed by attorney General includes Mikel McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia in time of Barack Obama, expositions of responsibility in State Department, as well as officials from different security and Congress services. The head of media relations Department of Russian prosecutor, Aleksandr Kurennói, mentioned with his name a minimum of eleven people from area of policy, security and business in United States during an informative session held in Russian capital, as reported by official agency Tass.

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Kurennói related to all those mentioned with executive William Browder, a British citizen of American origin, who was founder of financial consultancy Hermitage Group Capital. Russia is internationally pursuing Browder for financial irregularities and in absentia has sentenced him to nine years in prison. Last May Browder was detained in Madrid for several hours until Spanish police found that an Interpol order issued at request of Russian Government had no validity.

In Helsinki, President Putin had accused financier of defrauding Treasury and evading capital, of which he said, "400 million dollars" had gone to US Democratic Party account. In transcript of press conference on Kremlin website, figure that Putin mentioned has been corrected and reduced to 400,000 dollars.

"The Attorney-General of Russian Federation is ready to present to United States documents that confirm guilt of founder of Hermitage Capital, William Browder," said Kurennói, who explained that this executive is accused of buying illegally The actions of Russian oil companies, including Gazprom, in interests of foreign investors and of evading Russia with a capital of 1.5 billion dollars. Of this sum, he said, "a minimum of 400,000 dollars" was transferred to account of Democratic Party.

One of most benefited from Browder's operations was Ziff Brors ' fund, said prosecutor's spokesman, according to which se brors had delivered "1.2 million dollars to Democrats ' fund." Included in list of Russian prosecutor's office are three officials of National Security Agency, CIA officials, a former Russian domestic policy officer in State Department, assistants of Democratic senators and " All-known Mikel McFaul, "under whose leadership in Russia in years 2009 and 2010, reports were collected to U.S. Department of State about progress of investigation into Magnitski case."

Lawyer Sergey Magnitski, a collaborator and friend of Browder, who investigated a case of corruption involving Russian officials, was himself charged and imprisoned and died in prison, apparently deprived of medical attention and beaten in 2009. His case, which caused great indignation in West, is at origin of a law signed by Barack Obama in December 2012 in which sanctions were established against Russian officials considered responsible for death of lawyer. Subsequently, in December 2016, so-called "Magniski Law" acquired a global character in United States that can apply it to punish officials whom it considers to be corrupt and responsible for abuses anywhere in world. Russia responded to Magnitski law with anor that forbade American citizens to adopt Russian children.

According to Kurennói, list is not exhaustive and re are a very large number of people "who must be interrogated with participation of Russian prosecutors of instruction". "These people are from special Service officials, congressmen, U.S. senators and ir aides, different state officials," he said.

"The Attorney-general of Russian Federation is ready to deliver to U.S. documents that confirm guilt of founder of Hermitage Capital William Browder," said spokesman, according to which list can also include Christopher Steele, "a Agent of British Secret Service Ml6, who for a long period of time had contact with lobbyists group of Acta Magnistki ". "Precisely through this person" [Steele] The investigations of special prosecutor Mueller, known by name of ' Trump dossier ', are initiated, says agency Tass.

McFaul, an academic specialist in Russia with very good relations in Russian political class of nineties, is on list of American politicians to whom Russia has banned entry into country. The Kremlin made him empty during time when he represented Obama administration in Moscow.

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