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The Senate argues that Putin interfered to help Trump win the election

The Republicans of the Intelligence Committee contradict those of the House of Representatives and support the CIA thesis on Russian interference

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The Senate argues that Putin interfered to help Trump win the election

The Senate Intelligence Committee, of Republican Majority, argues that Russia interfered in presidential elections of 2016 in order to favor victory of Donald Trump, a sis that was aligns with that of intelligence services of United States but That clashes with what was raised only two months ago by Republicans mselves of or chamber of Congress, that of Representatives.

In that committee, Conservatives issued ir own report--without support of Democrats--in which y exonerated Republican president from any Conchabanza with Kremlin, and also rejected idea that Moscow's goal was to help New Yorker Get to White House. The statement released on Wednesday by or committee, on or hand, has support from both parties.

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It is not final report of Senate Intelligence Committee on Russian electoral interference, but its conclusions are clear. Trump has minimized assertion of intelligence services on Moscow's efforts to help him become president, has denied any coordination with Russia, and has claimed to suffer a "witch-hunt."

"Our staff has concluded that [intelligence services] findings were accurate and correct," said Senate committee vice President, Democrat Mark R. Warner, in a joint statement with president, Republican Senator Richard Burr. On March 12, however, Representative Michael Conaway, in charge of supervising investigation of Russian plot in House of Representatives, rejected ory of support for Trump. "We disagree with narrative that y were trying to help Trump," he told press, adding that no evidence of collusion had been found.

Intelligence services secured in its report partially disseminated in early 2017 that Vladimir Putin's government had tried to help Republican win elections to detriment of Hillary Clinton. To carry out this interference, y carried out cyber, disseminated private emails of Democrats and toxic propaganda for exsecretaría of state, according to its conclusions. Wher or not re was any collaboration in this stratagem with president's own circle is still being analyzed.

The investigation of interference of Moscow in legislative chambers has been developed in parallel with one initiated almost a year ago by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, and which tries to clarify if re was said Conchabanza between Kremlin and circle of Trump. The investigations also explore wher re was obstruction to justice by President of United States, who fueled this suspicion when in May last year he dismissed James Comey as director of FBI, when he was on top of this case. Comey declared shortly after having felt pressured to settle matter quickly.

The controversial Russian meeting of Trump Jr.

On or hand, Senate Judicial Committee broadcast on Wednesday 2,500 pages of transcription of closed appearances of Donald Trump Jr. And or people who participated in June 2016, five months after presidential elections, in a Meeting with a Russian lawyer in new York. In emails sent to Trump Jr. In which he agreed to hold meeting, Natalia Veselnitskaya was presented as a "Russian government attorney" who, as "part of Russia's support and her government to Trump," had compromising information about Democrat Hillary Clinton. The meeting is one of pillars of Mueller's research and of Judicial Committee itself, which has not yet announced its conclusions.

The published testimonies underpin Trump Jr. 's release that meeting was a waste of time because lawyer did not offer any relevant details about Clinton and instead claimed to change a law that restricts adoption of Russian children in U.S. But transcription of appearances feeds some of suspicions around case. For example, Trump Jr. Admits that his far may have participated in drafting of a White House statement that meeting had been proposed as part of Russian effort to help omitted election campaign. Mueller investigates wher note may be a cover-up offense.

In his appearance, Trump Jr. says he does not remember many details and minimizes ors. It is important that, in post of preparation for meeting, he said he was delighted to celebrate it. He argued that he had very little information but that receiving an offer of dirty rags from Clinton did not seem suspicious. He also claims that he did not communicate controversial meeting to his far. One of suspicions is if he came from his parent a call from a secret number he received after speaking with Emin Agalarov, Russian musical star linked to lawyer and who promoted meeting. Trump Jr. Said in Senate that he doesn't remember who he spoke to at time.


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