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The software publisher, the Russian Kaspersky banned from the computers to u.s. federal

The u.s. government will dispense with its security solutions for fear that they will not allow Moscow of spying.

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The software publisher, the Russian Kaspersky banned from the computers to u.s. federal

The us government should spend its security solutions for fear that y will not allow Moscow to spy.

The United States government has launched an ultimatum to all ministries and federal agencies of country. The institutions shall, within ninety days, start to uninstall software from editor Russian security Kaspersky.

department of homeland security (DHS) has directed agencies and departments of country without se software, antivirus, in particular, fear that y will not allow Moscow of spying. To operate, security solutions, like those from Kaspersky, one of world leaders in sector, require a great deep access to computer systems y protect.

In particular, us authorities are worried about, " links between certain frames of Kaspersky intelligence and Russian" and that statutory obligation of Russian companies to cooperate closely with intelligence agencies of country.

" The risk that Russian government, on its own or with help of Kaspersky, can take advantage of access provided by company to compromise computer systems of federal is a national security issue, " wrote DHS in a press release. This last was also open to any objection on part of company, it invites m to provide "a response, as well as any evidence or relevant data" about se charges.

" No credible evidence "

In a press release, company has denied any link to "inappropriate" with government, explaining, according to her, "why is no credible evidence proving se accusations has never been advanced" :

" Kaspersky has never helped and will never be any government in terms of spying or attacking it, and it is troubling that a company should be presumed to be guilty because of issues of geopolitical factors. "

The company refers to tensions between Moscow and Washington since United States has accused Russia of being involved itself in presidential election of 2016, in particular through hackers and viruses. The Russian embassy in Washington has also reacted and termed "unfortunate" decision by u.s. government, believing that it made more precarious yet " prospects of restoration of bilateral relations" between two countries.

The decision of DHS is a political one, " says Julien Nocetti, researcher, specialist of Internet and of Russia at French Institute of international relations :

" Kaspersky is a company that is iconic, one of few actors of Russian business to be truly global and whose radius of action is global. It is quite symbolic. "

we must bring this decision to one taken recently by authorities to consider string RT as an " agent of foreign countries ", explains researcher. "The United States are aimed at component and influence component of computer security. It is significant of desire to type in where it hurts, " continues Mr Nocetti.

The suspicions of close collaboration between departments of Russian and Kaspersky date back to 2012, but have intensified in recent months. In July, us authorities had already removed Kaspersky from two lists of approved suppliers of security software. Shortly before commission of armed forces of Senate had amended finance bill of ministry of defence in order to prevent latter use of software manufactured by Russian company. According to several media reports, FBI agents have even questioned, before summer, a dozen employees of Kaspersky in United States in context of a counterintelligence investigation. In an interview during summer, company's CEO, Eugene Kaspersky, has even offered to provide source code of its software to u.s. government, so that latter can ensure that it is functioning fair.


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