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The State Department evacuates several Americans for a possible sonic attack in China

So far, there had been only one affected. The mysterious incidents are similar to those lived in Cuba

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The State Department evacuates several Americans for a possible sonic attack in China

The nightmare is spreading. The State Department has evacuated several U.S. citizens in China, related to U.S. diplomatic service, to find mselves badly after hearing a sound mystery. The escalation of crisis causes fear of a series of mysterious sonic attacks against American diplomats in China, as y lived last year in Cuba.

State Department spokesman Hear Nauert announced Wednesday that "a number of individuals", diplomats and ir families working at consulate in Guangzhou, sourn China, have been transferred to U.S. for medical testing Complete about ir health status. American diplomacy sent a few days ago to a medical team to that city to evaluate workers of consulate and ir families.

Nauert did not give a specific figure, but according to official sources quoted by newspaper New York Times, at least two people were evacuated on Wednesday. It is a worker of consulate and his wife, with his two children. The two adults began to suffer neurological symptoms in recent months after hearing unusual sounds in ir apartment.

So far, only case of an affected one was known. The Department of State revealed on May 24 that one of his diplomats had been diagnosed with "mild brain damage" after complaining of symptoms such as "strange acoustic sensations of pressure." Ailments are similar to those of a concussion or minor brain injury.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Tuesday creation of a special unit to respond to "inexplicable health incidents", which often manifest after hearing a loud and sharp sound.

The big question is what favors those sounds, apparently intentional against diplomats, as happened in Cuba. The fact that y also occur in China fuels speculation about wher y are work of Chinese authorities. or or rival countries in United States, like Russia. Nauert explained that objective is to determine if symptoms are similar to those lived in Cuba or have no relation whatsoever.

In case of Cuba, 24 diplomats and ir families suffered headaches, hearing loss or cognitive problems after hearing intense sounds in Havana. The U.S. accused Cuba of not doing enough to protect its diplomats and, as a result of that crisis, expelled Cuban officials in United States.


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