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The State shorted the 1-Or

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The State shorted the 1-Or

The Government is willing to cut off light to polling places, illegal

GRAPHIC: The municipalities that are supporting referendum.

Mace is ordered to investigate mayors who support referendum

Puigdemont considered "NINETEENTH century" to close a website and assumes authorship of new

Ordering interrogate mayors are willing to participate in 1-Or

The resources of unconstitutionality against Law of Referendum and its provisions annexed to, and of Transience, have closed circle of actions taken by Government before courts with a view to nullify all legislative architecture with which government and forces that support it intended to provide coverage to query independence of October 1, and subsequent process of disconnection with State. The Government, now, once you have activated machinery of court, he focuses on have all mechanisms to short out logistics of referendum.

to Prevent opening of schools, constitution of polling stations, placement of urns, supply of ballots and use of computer programs. These are objectives of Rajoy to avoid a repeat of a 9-N, that is to say, a farce with appearance of legality to eyes of people.

The Government ensures that in no case will be show of November 2014, when Generalitat was able to convey to entire world your own images of a democratic process that is comparable even when ballot box used for voting were cardboard. "Then", explains a minister directly concerned, "we act on motion urging office of Prosecutor night before; now things are very different because we have been for months preparing for this moment."

On this occasion, State intelligence services have developed a thorough job from weeks ago. Their work began when Catalan government showed its intention to internationalize its conflict, and sought to throw bridges towards foreign Governments for support to ir approaches to self-determination.

The work of intelligence became much more concrete to confirm if, in fact, as stated Puigdemont in Financial Times, government has already of ballot necessary for voting. "Not so," says a government source that cites data provided in this regard by National Intelligence Center.

Puigdemont considered 'NINETEENTH century' to close a website and assumes authorship of new Photo: Quique García | EFE | Video: EFE

The CNI ensures that 6,000 ballot boxes identified by president of Generalitat does not exist. Yes, y add that Government has an indeterminate number, "but much less", of same; all from sham consultation that was carried out in 2014. In any case, y point to sources consulted, polls existing "are located".

No polls re is no query that it's worthwhile and this is why Prosecutor's office has sent orders appropriate to Mossos, Guardia Civil and Police to requisen at right time all those that are installed, as well as ballot papers, advertising or booklet of instructions for members of electoral tables.

The directors of institutes and public schools, as well as all officials -political appointees, including more than 600 mayors that have already been prepared - whose participation is required on an election day, have been warned of illegality that supposed to lend itself to collaborate with 1-Or, at same time from Central Administration have been given full guarantees of protection under law.

In this sense, president of Government yesterday released a message to citizenship Catalan asking all those who receive a subpoena to be part of electoral tables as chairs or members of desoigan, since you are being summoned to form part of an act - referendum - is annulled as unconstitutional by TC.

The government sources do not rule out that se measures can join ors in next few days and even on same day from 1 October. Among decisions last minute that could be decided upon by judges to prevent query illegal cite ability to sort, power outages, or computer connection, to prevent unauthorized access and verification of census data, as well as counting of votes.

Yesterday, Prosecutor's office, in compliance of judgments and decisions of prudential TC, proceeded, by order given to Guardia Civil, to closing of web page promotional 1-Or, a decision that adds to prohibition of celebrating an act of propaganda of referendum in a local given by town Council of Madrid.

Despite se measures, Government does not rule out that at some point is to open voting locations but, y state: "it Will be so limited and precarious that whole world will see that this is not a referendum".


  • The polls. office of The Prosecutor has given to Mossos order to withdraw material scheduled for celebration of query. In terms of polls, intelligence services deny that Generalitat has same, beyond a small number of cardboard boxes from 9-N and that are located.
  • The electoral tables. The mayors pro-referendum have already been aware of responsibilities that are outlined. The directors of schools and institutes, and even citizens who are summoned to form part of polling stations, have been warned also that if y cooperate y will commit an illegality.
  • The electricity and network. The Government ensures that, if this is case, judges could order companies providing electricity and network for transmission of data which cut service to premises involved in consultation being declared illegal by Constitutional Court.
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