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The Supreme court obliges the Generalitat to continue sending the Government explanations weekly of your expenses

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The Supreme court obliges the Generalitat to continue sending the Government explanations weekly of your expenses

Junqueras refuses to be accountable to FLA with Treasury because it sees "political control" in procedure

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The Generalitat you will need to follow by sending Government explanations on a weekly basis on your expenses. The Supreme Court has rejected request of Executive Puigdemont to suspend obligation while resolving merits of appeal filed by Generalitat. The Room of Contentious-Administrative High Court considers that re is no reason to take precautionary measure of suspension [read PDF self of Supreme].

The consequence is that it keeps in force Agreement of Commission Delegated of Government for Economic Issues July 21, 2017, by which it adopted additional measures to guarantee, in Autonomous Community of Catalonia, provision of public services in defence of general interest and enforcement of Constitution and Laws.

Until adoption of agreement resorted to, government only reported on a monthly basis, pursuant to a prior agreement of Executive Committee adopted in 2015. In his appeal, government argued that new requirement was a decision that was intended to make a political control over expenses of Executive Catalan. He added that delay in resolution of appeal would cause "damages" to government, "that would be forced to comply with a few measures additional devoid of all motivation, arbitrary, disproportionate, no legal coverage and is contrary to principles of political and financial autonomy".

on or hand, Third Chamber believes that maintaining application report weekly while resolving case does not cause an irreparable injury to government nor impossible to execute in future a hypotical judgment anulatoria, so that re are no requirements to take precautionary measure.

The judges highlighted that Catalan government has met peaceful previous agreement, and considered that "you can't share that an additional obligation of weekly information that is in addition to ones already set out in Agreement consented and sign affects adversely on Administration recurrent". Remember that most of arguments put forward by government are allegations on merits, and refore does not serve to justify necessity of temporary suspension.

order of The Supreme has been known a day after vice president and director of Catalan Economy, Oriol Junqueras, announced in a letter sent to minister of Finance, Cristobal Montoro, refused to render accounts of expenditure weekly that performs Generalitat with money corresponding to Fund Liquidity Autonomic (FLA) by understanding that process responds to a "political control" and not to objectives of "budgetary stability".


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