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The Taliban held hostage in Pakistan for 5 years.

The family, held hostage by the Taliban in Pakistan, was rescued by the operation of the Pakistani Army 5 years later. By the forces connected to the Taliban in Pakistan...

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The Taliban held hostage in Pakistan for 5 years.
The Taliban held hostage in Pakistan for 5 years. Date of entry: 13.10.2017 11:34 date of renovation: 13.10.2017 11:40 The operation of Pakistani Army after 5 years of family held hostage by Taliban in Pakistan .

Canadian citizen Joshua Boyle, who was held hostage by Taliban forces in Pakistan, was reportedly rescued by US citizen Caitlan Coleman and three of his children in operation of Pakistani army.

US President Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson made a separate written statement on subject.

In his statement, he noted that recovery of Boyle-Coleman's family was gratifying, "Yesterday US government worked jointly with Pakistani government to save Boyle-Coleman family. They're free today. This is a positive moment in terms of our country's relations with Pakistan. "

DONALD TRUMP made a statement

Stressing that this step of Pakistani administration is valued both in terms of relations with United States and regional security priorities, Trump said, "After this, next counterterrorism and hostage rescue operations have been We hope to see. "

In a written statement on same subject, Foreign Minister Tillerson pointed out that three children of Boyle-Coleman, kidnapped by Taliban "Haqqani", were held hostage to world.

"The United States is deeply grateful"

"I applaud US government's countless efforts on issue. I am particularly proud of relationship with Ambassador David Hale to Pakistani side (US ambassador to Islamabad). The United States expresses its deep gratitude to Pakistani administration and Pakistani Army because of cooperation in this process, "he said.

Tillerson stressed that this collaboration is a positive reflection of US-Pakistan relations.

The Boyle-Coleman family was abducted by Taliban-bound forces in 2012 as tourists in Afghanistan. The Boyle-Coleman family was finally transferred to anor point in northwest of Pakistan, while Pakistani army was rescued as a result of operation.


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