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The true story of the photo of the old woman and the civil guard that uses the CUP

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The true story of the photo of the old woman and the civil guard that uses the CUP

The journalist Joan socies executive took in Majorca five years ago and woman only hoped to be able to return home at end of a protest

The CUP calls for referendum to be on set of 'Països Catalans'

The Civil Guard recorded a few days ago headquarters of weekly investors in The Vallenc in search of ballots for referendum from October 1. Meanwhile, Twitter is viralizaba photograph of a lady who was waiting with crossed arms and coat on shoulders in front of a civil guard. On his head, a sign of direction prohibited and tiles that identify place in Catalan as Constitution Square. The independence I had found a symbol of resistance in an image, however, ni had been taken in Valls nor current era.

The photograph, in reality, is work of a journalist Joan socies executive, and served to illustrate in January 2012, a protest against n-president of balearic Government, José Ramón Bauzá, during celebration of a Council of Government in majorcan Felanitx. The local newspaper Last Time you published to accompany information on dissatisfaction that citizens were against education policy of Bauzá, who advocated trilingualism, use of peer-to-peer Education of Spanish, Catalan and English in classroom compared to immersion in Catalan.

The grandma's photo was not even a protester, only one woman nonagenaria had gone to visit a friend and return could not access street from ir house because it was cut off due to police deployment. "She wanted to return and was met with Guardia Civil on one hand and protesters on or. Instead of searching for an alternative path, he decided to wait for half an hour because I had nothing to do," says socies executive. "Since n, was not objecting to anything," adds journalist, who when picture was taken he thought it was "curious" because frame included name of Plaza of Constitution. Since n, it achieved some impact and praise, but it wasn't a local recognition without political approaches. Once in a while, acknowledge socies executive, returned to circulate through social networks and received congratulations for it.

In July, however, CUP rescued, in order to use it as a poster for a demonstration in Barcelona in favor of referendum for independence with a text that read: "¡October 1, 2017 we will vote! Ye shall not silence voice of a people". Then, family members of protagonist involuntary, who is now 97 years old, contacted socies executive to ask if re was "any way to stop" use of image of an old woman without links that are attributed to it. "They were incensed at use policy". The journalist was little I could do in a viral phenomenon that he has become flesh of memes. "I did not expect this media impact. I'm amazed, but I feel bad for family of this lady", he concludes on a grandmor who just wanted to go home and preferred to wait standing until all commotion outside ceased .


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