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The U.S. seeks the cause of the massacre

In the United States, which is shaken by the bloodiest attack of history, everyone is looking for answers to this question: why? The murderer of 59 people, paddock, rich enough to be called Millionaire, 400 thousand...

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The U.S. seeks the cause of the massacre
US seeks cause of massacre foreign news World News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 In United States, which is shaken by bloodiest attack of history, everyone is looking for answers to this question: why? The murderer of 59 people, paddock, is rich enough to be called Millionaire, lives in a $400 million house, has two small planes, and re's not even a traffic ticket... Echoes of massacre held Sunday night in Las Vegas, famous for its hotels in United States. After 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, a retired accountant, took a bullet from hotel room on 32nd floor on 30,000 people watching outdoor concert, 59 people died, 527 people were injured. After realizing bloodiest armed massacre in recent history of United States, question marks about why suicide killer paddock did such an action was most talked about. With no criminal record, including traffic penalty, living in a house of $400 thousand, owning real estate, having two small planes and telling people around m that financial situation is good enough to be counted as "millionaire", motivation of paddock The highlights about 800 rounds per minutewere found in 10 cases with 16 automatic rifles in room used for attack of paddock, which had a random aerial lead from hotel called Mandalay Bay. The sheriff of Las Vegas, Joe Lombardo, has 18 weapons and thousands of bullets in attacker's house, as well as assailant's vehicle for information on ammonium nitrate. Most of weapons with a thousand dollars ($3,000 500) are fully automatic, paddock has a capacity of at least one of weapons to squeeze 800 rounds per minute. his dad's on FBI list Without any military training, paddock had no knowledge of how he did all se preparations, carrying guns to hotel room and shooting for carnage from two different windows. "The most Wanted" list of FBI was far of Paddock, Benjamin Hoskin Paddock, who made an armed attack on field of music festival Route 91 Harvest. An American media shared in 1969, Benjamin Hoskin Paddock is expressed in FBI's most wanted list for eight years. The FBI is calling Far Paddock "Psycho", "Armed and dangerous", wanted for crimes such as bank robbery, car ft and weapons handling. ? after attack, terror organization Deaş said massacre was a lone wolf attached to paddock. But this claim was denied by FBI. His immediate surroundings have said that paddock is not a member of any political organisations or organisations. The former accountant, known as "an ordinary citizen" until massacre, was a question of mental balance of his mind after paddock killed 59 people. But re was no information on this issue. It is believed that murderer, who divorced twice, had no children, had a normal relationship with his current boyfriend. ' gambling debt ' claim At beginning of most talked about paddock, he has a fondness for gambling. A week before massacre, determined to play $30,000 in poker a day, killer's estimates that he made this action because of amount of gambling owed. reaction to President TRUMP On or hand, US president Trump's attacker reacted to social media on words "he is sick and crazy man". Dr. Craf Considine, a professor at University of Rice, said that after Trump's San Bernardino attack, ' Islam hates us ', but when a white American is making a bigger attack, he says, "sick and Crazy" is a relief. that's where guns and death vomited The photos of room and attacker's weapons were served by Stephen paddock. The assailant was found in hotel room where Stephen Paddock opened fire, 23 in his house, 19 weapons. Ammonium nitrate was reached in his car.


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