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The UN, with its hands tied by China and Russia before the "genocide" rohingya

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The UN, with its hands tied by China and Russia before the "genocide" rohingya

Aung San Suu Kyi has cancelled his attendance at General Assembly of UN

More than a thousand dead and 270.000 refugees in offensive in burma against rohingya

The United Nations secretary-general, António Guterres, has taken advantage of his first press conference after opening of General Assembly of organization for launch of a call for help desperate to rest of world. "I urge all countries to do what y can" to combat a situation that Guterres has described as "catastrophic". The head of United Nations has returned to claim that muslims of Rakhine state "to receive citizenship [burmese] or, at least, have some kind of legal status". Naypyidaw considers rohingya illegal immigrants with no right to be in country.

But, apart from statements, it seems can do little United Nations. China, a traditional ally of Burma and exerts a tremendous influence over Naypyidaw, do not want to take any action against Government of that country. So Security Council of UN, which is scheduled to meet today to study situation, you do not have margin of action. China considers situation in Rakhine as an internal issue of Burma, whose Government, he says, has right to defend mselves against guerrilla group Salvation Army Arakan Rohingya. Russia shares view of China, and both countries have a veto in Security Council, where most that can be expected is some kind of censorship on performance of Rangoon.

Guterres has condemned actions of Salvation Army Arakan Rohingya, and has not entered into question of violence between muslims ( religion that y follow rohingyas) and buddhists (who are majority of burmese population) is spreading to or states of country. But it has given to understand that violence rohingya does not justify reaction in burma. The United Nations secretary-general has reminded that last week re were 125,000 refugees Rohinga in Bangladesh. Are now to 380,000, and crisis has acquired characteristics of "ethnic cleansing, of book text", as defined by head of UN for Human Rights, Zaid Ra'ad Al-Hussein, on Monday.


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