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The unexpected mass mobilization of the right gave the victory to Piñera in Chile

The candidate softens his speech and offers the most moderate version to gain governability

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The unexpected mass mobilization of the right gave the victory to Piñera in Chile
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No one had seen it coming, but key to Sebastián Piñera's overwhelming victory in Chile is, according to majority of analysts, in an unexpected mobilization of right, which exceeded its historical dimension in a country dominated in its democratic stage by center Left. Piñera took whole increase in participation, contrary to what was expected. The President-elect, who will have no majority in Congress, uttered a moderate speech to seek allies and not give wings to social confrontation he already suffered in 2011.

In Chile, abstentions remain above 50%, so it is difficult to talk about political changes in background: half country is not directly involved in any bets. But analysts focus on this group that does mobilize to conclude that victory of Piñera implies a very deep turn to right and a hard blow to center left of ruler of which it will cost to recover. In addition he is left without leadership after bad result of Alejandro Guillier, a circumstantial candidate who appeared as an outsider in a moment of great weakness of government of Michelle Bachelet.

Piñera achieved 860,000 new votes, mostly from an unforeseen mobilization of right, who went to vote to understand that he could win left. But some experts believe that at least 25% of people who voted in first round by leftist Beatriz Sanchez supported right-wing former president in second, which would show something that many analysts have detected, this is that re is an electorate New, especially young, little politicized and voting more out of sympathy, in a very volatile way.

"On one hand mobilized right to reject Bachelet's reforms, and that in first round did not vote so much because y thought that Piñera had choice won. But on or, re is a less ideological vote that better reflects this more liberal, consuming, less consistent society, which has been called Sons of capitalist modernization, who see Beatriz Sanchez attractive but n vote for Piñera. He knew how to move towards center at end of campaign, while Guillier moved to left with Pepe Mujica, " sociologist and political analyst Max Colodro.

Harald Beyer, director of Center for Public Studies (CEP) and former minister of Education of Piñera, believes that result shows that discomfort with Bachelet's reforms that detected polls was real, although in first round left center was thrilled With a victory. "Surveys detected low government approval, especially in middle-sectors. In this context possibilities of official candidate were very small. There was a bad reading of first round, with idea that 55% reflected a support for left. However, a relevant part was a vote of punishment to Government. It was difficult, refore, for that vote to be transferred to Guillier, "he says.

Piñera, who launched in electoral night a very moderate speech, which spoke of protecting weakest, to support native peoples, not to give a radical reverse to controversial progressive reforms put in place by Michelle Bachelet, now has a Huge political capital and will look for a parliamentary majority that does not have with alliances with deputies and Senators of center left. It thus achieved a great mobilization of right, but it is not foreseeable that it makes a radical turn. He has no political space to do it or his style. Especially since he fears that it will happen to him as in 2011, when student protests, germ of Broad front, dominated his mandate and went around world.

"There is a moral defeat, very important ideological to center left," summarizes Colodro, "but backbone of deep disagreement in Chile is not resolved in se elections. Society is crossed by a profound disagreement of development model. There are no minimum consensus. This tension will end up reactivating sooner or later, "sentence. Piñera achieved a spectacular result and will now have a lot of strength, but opposition to so-called Chilean miracle and his injustices is waiting to reorganize.

An exemplary transfer

The Chilean democratic system, which emerged from a hard dictatorship less than 30 years ago, gave again a sample of its impeccable functioning in background and in forms, very different from that of or Latin American countries. The count was fast and transparent, live on television. In two hours it was almost all finished. The Chambers conveyed president's kind call to her successor to congratulate him and put himself at his disposal. Both had breakfast toger at Piñera's house and two electoral rivals made a joint appearance and merged into a hug. All in an impeccable democratic spirit.


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