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The vice-president Mercedes Araoz will preside over the new cabinet in Peru, according to local media

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The vice-president Mercedes Araoz will preside over the new cabinet in Peru, according to local media

Today is sworn in new cabinet of peruvian president after losing confidence of Congress on Friday

The president of peru Kuczynski loses all its ministers in a pulse with Congress

The second vice-president of Peru, Mercedes Araoz, will preside over new cabinet of ministers sworn in to office today, after Congress withdrew trust that was headed by economist Fernando Zavala, reported local media.

The internet portal of newspaper 'The Trade' noted that official sources confirmed nomination of congressman from motion Peruvian by Kambio (PPK), who, in last few hours had been mentioned as a favorite to be head of cabinet.

The station RPP News also quoted sources of Executive to bring forward appointment of Araoz, economist with studios in University of Pacific and at University of Miami, during second Government of Alan García (2006-2011) was minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Production and Economics and Finance.

The newspaper 'The Republic', he said during meetings that president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski had on Saturday with representatives of various benches of parliamentary "re was a consensus that Mercedes Araoz is one of right people to build bridges between Executive and Legislature".

Peru will have today a new cabinet after Council of Ministers chaired by Zavala he was forced to give up in your set after that in early hours of Friday, Congress, dominated by fujimorismo, denied trust, and require a radical change, in which no minister repeat.

however, various jurists pointed out that only one that I could not repeat it was Zavala, who asked trust to Congress after fujimorismo announced its intention to censure minister of Education, Marilú Martens.

The predecessor of Martens, Jaime Saavedra, was censored by majority fujimorista last December, so that Zavala was felt that, in reality, re was an attempt to boycott educational policies of State.

In little more than a year of management Kuczynski, fujimorismo also removed trust and forced her to give up Alfredo Thorne as minister of Economy and Finance, and laughingly in Transport and Communications, first vice-president, Martin Vizcarra, who resigned to avoid being impeached by legislature.

Analysts and local media reported that a large part of ministers of cabinet of Zavala will be kept in ir portfolios and y recalled that Constitution empowers president to dissolve Congress and call new elections if Executive is censored for second time during his tenure.

After knowing information about designation of Araoz, legislator fujimorista Hector Becerril told RPP that he expects vice president, search consensus, and "lower tone" to highly charged political.

"The confrontation of Zavala has been very strong, we hope that tensions recede," he said before noting that fujimorismo asks Kuczynski that designations in or ministerial chairs go beyond your circle of friends.

congressman Víctor Andrés García Belaúnde, of centrist Popular Action, considered that re is "wish him luck" to Araoz in its management, while apra, Jorge del Castillo greeted his nomination and added that new cabinet "should generate confidence and peace of mind policy" in country.


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